Balance Studio is Expanding!


Balance Studio is excited to announce that we are expanding!  This spring we will begin
construction in the Focus Gallery space on the first floor, adding another studio, relocating our check-in desk and expanding our retail selection.  We are targeting the end of June for our Grand Opening.  This expansion allows us to increase our class offerings and alleviate congestion between classes by making more community space available on both floors.  To ensure that your practice is not interrupted, we plan to maintain a full class schedule during the renovation.


We hope that you are as excited as we are about the expansion of our space and our services.  We want to make Balance Studio the best it can be for our wonderful community of clients, teachers and staff.  You will be receiving a short survey later this week.  Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us!


On a personal level, it has been 10-weeks since my knee surgery and I am feeling stronger every day! Pilates has helped me maintain my fitness level and has been central to my recovery.  Earlier this week I was able to take my first Barre class since my accident.  I was reminded how the micro movements of Barre strengthen the body.  It is no surprise it will help me regain my pre-injury strength.  Lotte Burke, the founder of the Barre movement, created the method 15 years ago with the physical therapist with who she worked while recovering from a serious injury.


As warmer weather approaches, I am continually asked what the best way is to get in shape and to stay in shape.  It’s a pretty simple recipe and consistency is the key.  You need a healthy balanced diet to fuel a dedicated and consistent practice of cross training your body to build strength, and to achieve and maintain results.   It helps to love your method – whether it’s Pilates, Yoga or Barre or even better, a combination of these disciplines.  The goal is sustained health, not a quick fix prior to vacation or to fit in that special outfit.  Once you embrace fitness as a lifestyle you will be able to maintain your optimal fitness level and feel fantastic everyday.  I will be there right next to you working my way back to my 100%

April becomes a practice in patience, acceptance & mindfulness ( in more ways than one)

Just when you thought it was time to put away your shovels, pull down your snow stakes and plant your pansies, April brought snow not showers!  New England has a way of keeping us on our toes, that and a dose of Yankee fortitude may be what keeps us living here.  Despite the recent snow, we are all ready to embrace Spring.  Spring is in the air and it awakens us as we excitedly prepare ourselves and our homes for the warm sunny days ahead. I look forward to putting this winter behind me! Knee surgery in February truly made me feel like I have been in hibernation. These past 6 weeks have been difficult however, they have also been a lesson in acceptance, patience and mindfulness … a real opportunity to take my practice off my mat.IMG_8678cropsmall

Surprisingly, I have been relaxed and I have learned (and continue to learn) to accept help and to delegate responsibilities. For those of you who know me, these two things do not come easily to me.  Three weeks ago my fiancé had a scheduled rotator cuff surgery and my daughter was scheduled for surgery for the removal of 4 impacted wisdom teeth .  The potential for disaster was significant! Thanks to the support from my family, friends and the Balance Studio community we survived this trying period and for that we are forever grateful!  We are deeply touched by all the support, from delicious dinners, to dog walks for our 90lb Bernese Mountain Dog.

This Thursday marks a new chapter in my recovery.  I am transitioning off my current brace and crutches and into a new metal hinge brace. A few days after that I should be able to retire the crutches and from there, I begin a 7-month journey back to my normal self.   Fortunately, my pre-surgery strength, determination and Pilates kept me strong and sane.  I plan to attack the next stage of recovery like a New England Spring with resolve and doggedness!

There is a very good reason that Balance Studio is all about health, fitness and safe, effective methods.  They work!  Yoga for flexibility, strength and mindfulness.  Pilates for core connection, body awareness and overall strength. Barre for creating toned, lean, strong muscles and reshaping the entire body.  They all boast their own benefits, they all help build strength that is essential to our everyday lives and the extraordinary things we do in the active communities in which we live and work.  Join me in building your strength because it changes how you live and how you move through your life.

I look forward to seeing you in class and am excited to return to my mat!


Kellie’s March Madness

apres PT

What started out as a ski trip ends in physical therapy

Happy March!

Hoping you’re ready to jump into our March Balance Challenge. What a great way to jumpstart Spring and beat the March Blues. Personally, I am jumping into a whole new challenge, not one I am super excited about.
During the first day of a long awaited ski vacation in Vail, I took a little digger and felt a little pop at the back of my knee. Not to be persuaded from the beautiful snow and sunny skies of Colorado I took a lunch break, skied for the rest of the afternoon and the following day. On my 3rd day out, my knee gave way going down a set of steps and I crumpled into a mass of poles, skies and goggles.
apres ski

It was obvious I couldn’t ignore my knee any longer. The bad news was that I was in need of knee reconstruction, the good news was that Vail is home of the The Steadman Clinic, one of the foremost Orthopedic Clinics in the world. The clinic was 5 minutes from our condo. Long story short, I saw the chief knee specialist, Dr Robert Laprade on Wednesday and he operated on my knee on Thursday afternoon.
When I heard his diagnosis after multiple X-rays and my first MRI ever I wanted to fall to pieces. However, he was amazed at my lack of swelling and pain after I had ignored my knee for 3 days. Pilates, Yoga and Barre had strengthened me to a point that my core, quads and upper body was compensating for my damaged knee. Being injured and unable to do all of the things that I love on a daily basis has always been one my biggest fears. I made a conscious decision to practice what I am constantly preaching and took my yoga off my mat in a big way! I could either venture into this new chapter depressed and miserable or look at it as an opportunity for growth and change. As a teacher who has never had a serious injury, it can be difficult to understand a students limitations or fears due to injury or lack of strength. My sister Shannon teases me and calls me the physically strongest woman she knows. Obviously she is a bit biased but going forward not only will my strength help me recover more quickly but my injury will bring a whole new perspective to my teaching.
My challenge over the next 6-9 months will be to throw 110% into my Physical Therapy and rehab, keep myself positive, embrace myprogress and come out mentally andapres PT physically stronger on the other side. I have always believed that most things happen for a reason that isn’t always apparent, but I will trust in the process, embrace the progress and will see you around the studio.



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