Raghunath & Retreats @ Balance

In the past month, I have had the opportunity to not only travel to two amazing places, one in the mountains and one in the islands but to watch first hand the connection that happen when we open ourselves up to caring, friendships, community and new experiences.
Mid October we hosted our first Balance Studio retreat.  It was so amazing that we have 6b94f4fd-b417-4ff8-9336-9e9a6df4336erebooked for the last weekend in September 2016, so save the date.  I will share more details about our amazing retreat later this  month.
This past week, I had the privilege to teach Pilates and Yoga at a lovely resort in the  Riveria Maya in Mexico. To have the opportunity to take 2 practices that I love and share them with a group of strangers that soon became new friends filled me with gratitude and appreciation.
This month you have an opportunity to give back, reach out and try new things.  This Saturday we are hosting an amazing guest yogi. Raghunath, is back to visit us at the studio. He is teaching a master class from 12:30-2:00 and a class entitled Flight School from 2:30-4:30. He is an amazing teacher with a super interesting past.  From Punk Rocker to Monk to Yogi the afternoon will be filled with fun, connection and awesome ways to bring your practice to the next level Consider stepping out of your comfort zone and join us for an unforgettable afternoon!  We are so sure that you will love him, we are raghusquaredatesoffering a two day special savings to participate, bring in an honest donation to help kick off our November Food Pantry Drive on Wednesday or Thursday this week and we will take an additional $10.00 off the cost of your workshop for non-members and $5 for members (don’t forget that members get 15% off all workshops with their memberships!)
Enjoy this beautiful weather and hope to see you on Saturday!

Balance’s Community : Strong & True


Every time I turn around, I am reading articles that are talking about the expanding growth of boutique fitness studios.  Independent yoga, barre, Pilates and spin studios.  It seems that the masses are catching on to something that Balance Studio has been supporting for the last 7 years. The importance of  highly trained teachers, progressive classes and programs and a sense of community that is often lost at the bigger gyms and fitness clubs.  A place that not only serves up your choice fitness option, but a place where people know your name, listen to your concerns and truly care about your well being. For those of you who spent the summer with us, we applaud you and love your dedication.  For those who travelled, drove taxi for your kids or just took the summer off, we missed you and can’t wait to see you back at the studio.IMG_1728

I personally am so excited to heading back into Balance this month!  We have been lucky enough to have had summer we were all hoping for after last winter, but the transition to Fall has always one of my favorite times.  As we dust off our sandy feet and  start to pull our houses back together after the carefree summer days we are ramping up for an amazing season here at the studio.

We are about to embark on our 6th Barre Teacher Training this month, our Third  200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in October and our first ever weekend retreat at Stowe Mountain Ranch over Columbus Day weekend. We are offering three Balance Extreme classes each week, have added a Yin and Guided Meditation class on Wed night and are introducing SPA yoga on Friday nights starting on September 25th.  Our Pilates mat classes and equipment sessions are booming and are busier than ever!

In preparation for our 7th anniversary coming up in October we are doing a little remodeling and are excited about our new look and “member amenities”.  We promised you mat storage for members back in May and are happy to announce that we can now accommodate the luxury of not having to carry your mat back and forth to the studio.  See the block below for more details.

Stay tuned for more exciting offerings as the fall unfolds.  As always, we appreciate your support, love your energy and are so happy that you come to us for Balance!



Are you ready for Extreme?


Balance Extreme comes to the Studio

Drop, and give us 50….minutes… of A fusion cardio,  yoga, pilates and barre moves into one class. Get your cardio fix! Balance Extreme is the ultimate XBody workout. 50 minutes of music-driven, fast paced movement and interval exercises. A short term yoga ssliving15greywarm up prepares you for heart pumping cardio bursts that will make you sweat! Plyometric exercises will define your muscles, intense core work will chisel your abs and strength sequences will challenge your stamina and balance. a calming cool finish will leave you exhilarated and prepared to attack your day!



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