Dedicate 2017 to a Healthier You!


Happy New Year!  New Years is a time of resolutions and your well-being should top of the list.  According to the CDC, the life expectancy of Americans has risen by 15% since 1960. With 50 being the new 30, people are living much more active and adventurous lives than their contemporaries did in the 60’s.  Gone are the days when only young people were into fitness.  Today fitness is for everyone and the benefits of a dedicated fitness routine, and yoga practice in particular are widely recognized. The NY Times reported, “Yoga enthusiasts link the practice to a long list of health benefits, including greater flexibility and range of motion, stronger muscles, better posture and balance, reduced emotional and physical stress, and increased self-awareness and self-esteem.” Dedicated yogis experience these benefits and know that practicing yoga as you age and at any age keeps you young.

Last February I suffered an accident skiing and required significant reconstructive surgery on my knee.  I am certain that I was able to recover more quickly thanks to my dedicated practice of yoga, pilates and barre.  Within 48 hours of my surgery, I was navigating my way around a Pilates reformer in the physical therapy center; 10 days post surgery I was able to do pushups, Pilates and weight training to maintain strength in my upper body and core; and within 6 weeks I restarted my yoga practice!  Beginning with Yin and restorative, I was able to quickly return to both my Vinyasa practice and barre classes with sensible modifications.

Since 2008, Balance Studio has been helping clients develop a dedication to themselves.  As an integrated yoga, Pilates and barre studio, we believe in the benefits of dedicated practice.  Our highly trained teachers are here to lead and support your commitment to being strong, flexible and balanced.

Join us later this month for our one day Wellness Retreat at Glastonbury Abbey.  Start the new year with a full integration of physical and mental well-being with tools that will keep you feeling young throughout your lifetime.


The 5 Ways to Beome an Ageless Wonder


December is upon us and we are about to bid farewell to another year.  As 2017 looms ahead, know that being a year older does not mean you have to feel like it!

Science has proven that what we eat, what we do and how we live has a dramatic impact on how long we get to enjoy this earth.  In his book “The Blue Zones” author Dan Buettner revealed 9 Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest.  Not surprisingly, eating well was on the list, but so too were natural movement, living with purpose and social interaction.  These elements are inherent in yoga and central to yogic philosophy.

When it comes to staving off aging YOGA is the proverbial FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.  Whether you are building a career, nurturing a family or enjoying retirement, practicing yoga at your age and as you age is essential to ongoing health and longevity.

Here are 5 ways YOGA helps you to be an AGELESS WONDER.

Yoga increases FLEXIBILITY, reducing the aches, pains and stiffness associated with aging and it maintains space between vertebrae so the spine stays long and straight as you age.

The weight bearing poses of a regular yoga practice build STRENGTH in every muscle and increase bone density without stressing cartilage and joints common in high impact exercise.

Yoga BREATHING increases lung capacity so you feel more energetic, and deeper breathing leads to lower blood pressure and improved digestion, a common ailment in aging adults.

Statistics show that 1 out of every 3 adults over 50 will fracture a bone in a fall.  Yoga improves BALANCE by strengthening stabilizing muscles and synchronizing communication in the brain.

Critical to aging gracefully, the mindful movements of yoga heighten BODY AWARENESS so you notice when you slouch or if you are under stress which is a leading cause of heart attacks.



Aging is inevitable but how well you age is up to you. Learn the Secret to a long life – come practice YOGA at Balance Studio with our dedicated community of teachers and students.


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Thanks & Giving Always at Balance


Thanks + Giving

Ten years ago, my dream of opening a Yoga and Pilates studio in downtown Cohasset was realized.  My sister Shannon joined me from New Mexico and two years later we brought Barre to the South Shore. In June we expanded, adding a second studio and a beautiful boutique carrying fitness wear, apres fitness attire, jewelry and accessories. Like any business opening and growing Balance Studio required determination, planning and experimentation. But it is not all about business – it is about people and community. We are extremely thankful to every instructor who leads our classes, to every student who comes through our doors and to our community who shares our message of well being with one another, carrying that message out our doors, helping us to grow and reach more people.


We at Balance Studio want to express our profound gratitude and thanks to all members of our community. We are indebted to our team of caring and talented instructors who teach us so much more than fitness. We thank them for their contributions and presence in our studio and our lives.  We are grateful to our community of dedicated students who embrace our special approach to a fit lifestyle. We are thankful for our expanded studio and our ability to offer a diverse schedule of classes and workshops that bring health, balance, strength, flexibility, reflection, meditation, and well being to the South Shore.


Every year Balance Studio coordinates a holiday food drive to collect donations for local food pantries. It’s hard to believe that there are so many families and individuals on the South Shore in need. However when you see the faces of the volunteers at the food pantries when we drop off donations collected in our studio, you would understand how much this effort means to them. We will have a list of food pantry items at our front desk.  As you shop for your own family over the next six weeks, please consider picking up an item and make a marked difference in the life of someone in need.

It is Thanks + Giving this month and with enormous thanks we share the dream of Balance Studio with you…a dream that really is all about you, our community and what you have helped us create.

A special thanks to our instructors and staff: Amelia Amy Angela Arianna Ashley Audrey Aveen Barbara Beverly Carissa Darlene Denise Elizabeth Erin Hailey Izzy Jan Jen Jill KateKathy KimS Kim S Keri ॐ Kerry ॐ Kristine ॐ Lissie ॐ Lyn ॐ Lynn ॐ Marlo ॐ Michael ॐ Shannon ॐ Stephanie ॐ Sue SusanB Susan F ॐ Susan JF Tracie Trish  


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