Choose Your Practice

  • Power Yogis


    You believe if you’re going to do something, do it right! Whether you are going above and beyond at work or you’re busy being Super Mom, you don’t do anything less than 100%. Just because your workout takes place on a yoga mat doesn’t mean you take exercise lightly. From the minute you walk into the studio until you take Savasana, you’re ready to sweat and feel the burn! You’re looking for a serious workout that allows you to increase strength, power, and endurance, while still maintaining the integrity of the yoga philosophy.

    Power Yogis, You’ll Love
  • Barre Nuts


    Whether you’ve been a dancer since toddlerhood or you have always admired the sleek physiques of ballerinas, you’re looking for a fun and exhilarating workout that will give you a killer body! You love to mix work with fun, so a tough workout set to upbeat music is right up your alley. You’re ideal class would balance energizing cardio and sculpting strength-training.

    Barre Nuts, You’ll Love
  • Balanced Yogis


    Life is about balance, and you have a knack for finding it! From your crunchy-granola diet to your love of work, family, and fun, you know the key to happiness is variety and moderation. When it comes to exercise, your workout is important but you don’t want to create stress. You love going to yoga class for a mix of stretching, strengthening, and relaxation…the perfect balance!

    Balanced Yogis, You’ll Love
  • Core Warriors


    You have the soul of a warrior: you know the key to success is focus and dedication. Whether you’re logging long hours in the library or the office, you work thoroughly and methodically- and it pays off! When it comes to your workout, you’re not looking for a shortcut or an easy way out. Rather, you know the best way to see the results you want (like six-pack abs!) is to tough it out…starting with your core!

    Core Warrior, You’ll Love
  • Baby Boomers


    Your kids are finally out of the house and retirement is finally within your grasp- but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to slow down! Staying active and healthy is a top priority for you, and now you actually have the time to make it to yoga class. Your goal is to increase flexibility, maintain bone and muscle strength, and gently improve endurance- all in a relaxing environment (hey, you’ve earned it!)

    Baby Boomers, You’ll Love
  • Young Yogis


    Whether you are still choosing between being an astronaut, a ballerina, or a firefighter when you grow up, or just trying to deal with the pressures and new experiences of becoming a teen yoga is a great way to start building healthy habits! By practicing safe flexibility and strengthening exercises, and learning how to calm down with your breath, you can set the groundwork for a healthy life and inspire self-confidence!

    Young Yogis

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