Special Workshops

  • Midnight Flow & New Years Day Flow

    Midnight Flow with Ashley Webb, December 31st 10:30-11:45 pm

    Ring in the New year, Yogi style- on your Mat! Ease into the New Year with a flow to begin again, to set intention for the year ahead, to greet it with enthusiasm!

    New Years Day Flow: January 1st 2015

    10-11:30 am with Kim Spear   & 12-1:15 with Jan Burkhardt

    Start the New Year off with Intention and a sense of renewed Spirit. An opportunity for New Beginnings.

    Both classes are regularly priced: use your pass/monthly/ or drop-in. To reserve a spot in Mindbody- go to classes and select date- and sign up for class!


  • Rejuvenate + Restore + Reiki

     with Jan Burkhardt & Lyn Pompeo
    Sunday, January 4th 2:30-4:30 pm
    Join Jan Burkhardt and Lyn Pompeo for the first Sunday of the New Year. The afternoon will offer energetic and supportive/restorative yoga postures . The restorative/resting poses will be offered at numerous intervals between the asana and will be accompanied with healing hands- on adjustments and reiki energy .  The room will be warm, the music ethereal,  and all bolsters, blankets and props will be offered.
    Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by  “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s life force energy is low, we are more likely to get sick or  feel stress, if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.
    $35 by 12/28. $40
  • Blah to Bliss

    with Kim Spear and Catherine Hummel

    Sunday, January 11th 2-4:30 pm

    Bummed, burned, stressed or bottomed out?
    It’s time to come alive.
    You deserve a life that’s luscious.
    In ‘Blah to Bliss’ Catherine Hummel will guide you on a course for the New Year. Set more than a resolution that is focused on one aspect of your life, but a THEME for the year ahead, one that will guide you towards a more meaningful and fulfilled life.
    Seal your intention with a flow with Kim Spear to reaffirm your promise to yourself.
    This workshop is an introduction to a series offering to come.
    Catherine is a Life coach & Yoga teacher, she focuses her work on women’s circles.
    $35 by 1/4/ $40
  • 5 Wk Beginner Yoga Workshop


    With Sue Richardson

    Sunday, January 11th- February 8th

    6:30-8 pm

    This is the perfect workshop for students who want to learn the basics of vinyasa yoga. Knowledge of the basic yoga postures, sun salutations, modifications, alignment and proper form will be the foundation of this six week series. Learn how to safely flow from posture to posture and feel comfortable continuing on in regularly scheduled classes.

    5 Week Series; $85


  • The Healing Movement

    with Michelle Grigalunas
    Sundays 12-2 pm January 25th – March 1st
    A series of integrated therapies, which lead you through a journey to break limits, recover true self and reclaim your happiness!
    A psychotherapeutic approach individually tailored and geared towards those who have a desire to emerge from loss of self, free themselves from addictions, or heal from lost relationships or illnesses. Healing through meditation, exploration and yoga.
    Michelle Grigaluans RYT, M.Ed.  Michelle has a masters in education in counseling, phycology and personal recovery and is a 200 hr registered yoga teacher.
    6 weeks: $125
  • Winter Grounding: An Ayurvedic Flow


    with Stephanie Ford

    Sunday, January 25th


    “Winter is nature’s time to hibernate and retreat and it relates to the elements of Earth and Water.  It’s also an active resting phase, an important cycle to honor in order to replenish one’s self after the summer heat and the fall harvest.  In the winter when wet, dark and cold qualities increase externally, they also increase internally, because “like increases like.”  In Ayurveda, winter is the season associated with Kapha  which can be heavy and cold  which can cause all the imbalances associated with the earth and water elements.  The main intention behind this winter seasonal vinyasa practice is to help you ward off typical Kapha imbalances by raising your core temperature, enhancing your metabolism and increasing your circulation and spirit by offering you dynamic, invigorating, rhythmic, sequences that keep the earth and water from going out of balance.”

    $25 by 1/18. $30 after

  • Body Matrix Flow ™with ball rolling

    with Victoria Haffer

    Saturday, January 31st 12:30-2:30

    Unique and innovative mix of flow, PNF stretching and deep myofascial release. Ball rolling conforms to your physical need. The muscles melt into the joy of renewed circulation, releasing pain patterns. Experience movement of energy through the body in a new, cutting edge way via the deep core line. Breath, pranic flow, stretch and asana confirm the release.

    $35 by 2/24. $40


  • PNF stretching: Teachers Workshop

    with Victoria Haffer

    Sunday, January 31st 3-5:30 pm

    Learn a cutting edge technique called facilitated stretching or Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation ( PNF) to increase ROM of muscles quite dramatically in yoga or any other mode of performance.PNF utilizes the spinal cord reflex arc and is an example of combining western science with the ancient art of Hatha yoga. Learn how to use this effective tool on yourself and others. Often the results are amazingly profound. we will cover most major muscle groups including hamstrings, piriformis, pectorals, orator cuff and hips.



  • Sutra Vinyasa Flow

    with Jacqui Bonwell

    Sunday, March 1st 6:15-8:15 pm

    A vinyasa intensive with a traditional backbone. The Yoga Sutras don’t get talked about too much because teachers don’t want to interfere with anything that would seem religious when they teach. Yoga is not a religion, it’s a compliment to whatever you believe. In this class we physically & mentally explore the 4 perfectly beautiful chapters of the Yoga Sutras of Patajanli. Meditation & sound healing will be included in this class. The Yoga Sutras came to me at one of the hardest times of my whole life. They pulled me through it like a life preserver. I vowed to share them.

    $35 by 2/22. $40


  • Yoga & Your Fascia

    with Kerry Donnelly & Dr. Megan Ciccolo
    Sunday, March 1st 2:30-4:30 pm
    Back by popular demand…
    Join Doctor Megan Ciccolo, Physical Therapist specializing in John F. Barnes myofascial release and Yoga Instructor Kerry Donnelly to discover the missing link in your Yoga practice. In order to fully open your mind, body, and spirit you need to open your fascia.  You may be asking yourself “What is my fascia and why do I need to open it?” Fascia is the connective tissue system which creates a continuous three-dimensional web of support throughout the body. Over time restrictions develop causing the tissue to solidify, this causes impairments such as changes in posture, decreased flexibility, or pain. By opening this tissue you will experience more freedom of movement, prevent injuries, and maximize your athletic potential. In this workshop you will learn myofascial release self treatment techniques using small balls we will add complimenting Yoga postures. This course was designed to be an introduction to the principles of fascia and self treatment techniques. For more information on fascia visit Megan’s website at www.restrictions-released.com.
    Each participant will receive two small  myofacial release balls
    Basic knowledge of Yoga is recommended
    $45 by 2/22 price includes myofascial release balls. $50

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