Special Workshops

  • Yoga Slackers with Brendan

    with Brendan on The Cohasset Common

    August 7th 3-4:30 pm

    Don’t miss Brendan’s return visit to ACrohasset!!

    Yoga Slackers are on the South Shore!  Yoga Slackers is an organization that takes yoga and balance to the next level. It’s yoga on a slack line! Introduction to the slack line is clearly presented and progresses through mini-workshops so that everyone succeeds.
    Anyone can do it- young or old, just bring your sense of wonder and excitement! Be ready to surprise yourself with what you can do and laugh, cheer and shout at the fun.

    $20 / class limited to 15


  • Paddleboard Yoga


    with Jen Willms

    July 30th 2-4 pm

    Join Jen Willms for an exciting afternoon of paddle boarding and yoga! Exploring the possibilities of Yoga on the paddle board!  Bring water and a towel and a playful spirit! Give it a Try!!

    $55 includes board rental / $35 for workshop with your own board!

  • Yoga for Young Yogis


    with Amy DiLillo

    6-10 year olds

    Tuesdays 4:45-5:30 pm

    July 15th- August 8th

    Your young yogi will learn to salute both sun and moon and get in touch with their own inner warriors in our Young Yogi summer series. We will explore poses through story weaving and even spell with our bodies in asanas. Come join the fun in our sunshine circle within Balance Studio!

    $60 for 4 weeks session

    Class is limited to 12 students.

  • Yoga for Athletic Girls: Be A Balanced Athlete

    with Deb Bowen

    Girls ages 11-14

    Wednesdays 4-5 pm : July 9th-August 13th.

    Calling all athletic girls, ages 11-14! Come find out how yoga can help you to be a better and more balanced athlete. During this 8-session yoga intensive, we will enjoy a physical yoga practice to stretch tight areas and develop strength in core and often overlooked muscles of your body. In addition to the physical practice, each class will explore a different aspect of yoga that can support sports performance, with topics such as:

    Tune In!: Learn how to check in with your body, notice habits that create imbalance and prevent injury
    The Power of Mantra: Understand the role of positive thinking in sports performance and life
    Manage Game Day Stress: Make the connection between how breath, mantra, focus and preparation can all help manage game day nerves
    Slow Down! The Importance of Rest and Recovery: Explore active rest, the importance of recovery time and how to welcome comfort

    Thanks to ivviva, our series partner, the first two athletes to register will receive a complimentary ivivva yoga mat. Sign up now, space is limited.

    $72 for 6 weeks/6 sessions


  • 6 Wk Beginner Yoga Workshop


    With Sue Richardson

    Sunday, September 21st- October 26th

    6:30-8 pm

    This is the perfect workshop for students who want to learn the basics of vinyasa yoga. Knowledge of the basic yoga postures, sun salutations, modifications, alignment and proper form will be the foundation of this six week series. Learn how to safely flow from posture to posture and feel comfortable continuing on in regularly scheduled classes.

    6 Week Series; $100


  • Hip Opening Workshop


    with Stephanie Ford

    Sunday, September 28th 2-4 pm

    This 2 hour workshop will concentrate on Hip Opening Postures…..the workshop will include a strong heated vinyasa practice with emphasis on postures that will slowly start to build release in the hips and will ultimately end with strong hip openers that will release tension, stress and emotions that tend to build up in the hips.

    $35 by 9/21. $40 after


  • Holiday Detox with Jacqui Bonwell

    Sunday, November 30th 3-5pm

    Join Jacqui Bonwell for a 2hr post thanksgiving  detox class to get you on the good foot, internally & externally, as you enter the holiday season. A sweaty vinyasa extravaganza open to all levels focused on waking up all the elements & resources in your body- earth, water, fire, air, sound & light!! Heavy on the twisting, heart & hip opening to the tune of an amazing playlist-this medicinal flow is sure to align your body, mind and soul!

    $35 by 11/23. $40 after.



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