Special Workshops

  • Living Well: A Mind Body Retreat


    January 28th 8am – 5 pm

    Sponsored by Balance Studio and Center for Integrative Counseling and Wellness

    at Glastonbury Abbey, 16 Hull street, Hingham Ma.

    Reset your mindset. Learn how to build healthy lifestyle patterns emotionally and physically. Enjoy a full day of workshops of your choice with like-minded individuals and wellness experts at a beautiful conference center at the Glastonbury Abbey in Hingham.

    Registration begins at 8 am. A choice of 3 workshops every hour. Workshops range fro discussion to movement based programs. Each designed to help you facilitate and discover a healthy lifestyle. Lunch provided by Fresh Feast of Cohasset.

    Full day of Wellness: $150. Pre Registration required.

  • Reboot Cleanse with Mindfulness, Meditation & a Detox Flow for 2017

    with Tammy Ruggiero & Trish Hart

    Kick off workshop:  Wednesday January 18th 5-6:45 pm

    Nourish and Reboot your Body, Mind & Spirit in just 14 days
    with Trish Hart (CRYT 500/MGH SMART educator) and Tammy Ruggiero, Certified Health Coach.
    This program which combines real food and mind body practices
    that will leave you feeling lighter, alive, recharged & renewed!!

    The 2 hour kick off workshop will set the stage for clearing your physical, emotional and energetic bodies for 2017!
    Full Reboot Cleanse Schedule:
    Reboot Cleanse Materials Released via email — Monday, January 16th
    Kick off Workshop – Wednesday January 18th, 5 pm – 6:45 pm at the Studio
    Pre-Reboot (3 days) —Thursday, January 19th – Saturday, January 21st
    Reboot Cleanse (7 days)— Sunday January 22nd – Saturday, January 28th
    Transition (4 days)— Sunday, January 29th – Wednesday, February 1st
    Included support:
    14 Days of Support from Tammy/Pre-Reboot Preparation & Guide for Reboot Cleanse/7-Day Reboot Cleanse Manual/Daily Email Support/Private Facebook Support Group/ 11 Days of Meal Plans with Delicious Recipes/Shopping List/Daily Reboot Tool Kit/4-Day Transition Plan/Life After Reboot Cleanse Success guide
    $99/ REDUCED  * Members enjoy 15% off workshops
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  • Yoga for Beginners 6 week Workshop


    With Sue Richardson

    Thursdays 7-8:30 pm

    1/19-3/2 ( no class 2/23)

    This is the perfect workshop for students who want to learn the basics of vinyasa yoga. Knowledge of the basic yoga postures, sun salutations, modifications, alignment and proper form will be the foundation of this six week series. Learn how to safely flow from posture to posture and feel comfortable continuing on in regularly scheduled classes.

    6 Week Series; $100


  • Yoga for Pre Schoolers


    with Kim Spires

    Mondays 12-1 pm January 23rd – February 27th
    Join the fun!
    Yoga is brought to life through games, stories and play activities.
    Discover Yogi lessons of being a good friend, being helathy in your body and how to slow down through Shavasana (quiet pose).
    Children are natural Yogis, let them explore their light hearted and energetic nature on the mat!

    Minimum 8/ maximum 12 participants/ 6 weeks: $75

  • Young Yogis

    with  Kim Spear

    Tuesdays January 3rd- February 7th

    Ages 12-14 yrs 3:15-4:15 pm

    Ages 8-11 yrs 4:30-5:30 pm

    A 60 minute yoga class with emphasis on core strength and flexibility. Discover the benefits of Vinyasa Yoga (flow Yoga) as a way to prepare your body for the rigor of sports, increasing your strength, flexibility and create a strong and toned core. Help alleviate knee and joint injury by creating flexible joints, strong hips, back and core muscles. An extended savasana will help them reset and leave the studio refreshed and energized for their week ahead.

    6 weeks: $75



  • Restorative & Reiki Workshop

    with Elizabeth Rogers

    Sunday, January 29th 2:30-4:30 pm

    Come and de-stress – the ultimate relaxation experience. Students will rest in deeply relaxing restorative poses, softly supported in each pose by comfortable cushions, blankets and other props. While in the poses, Elizabeth will share the soothing energies and gentle touch of Reiki. The combination yields a profoundly calming effect, quieting the central nervous system, creating an enhanced sense of peace and well being, while promoting health and healing – impacting all levels of self – in body, mind, and spirit. Join Elizabeth, and restore balance and wholeness to your life!”

    $30 * Members enjoy 15% discount on workshops


  • Yoga Tune Up® for Low Body


    with Kate Krumsiek

    Saturday, February 4th 2:30-4:30

    Battle low back pain, hip hiccups and knee knots with self-massage techniques, unique movement sequences and special attention to every day posture. This workshop will wake up tissues that have become stuck in a pain patterns with strategies to increase range of motion, strengthen muscles that have become inactive and release overworking areas. You’ll move with more efficiency, breath with more depth and cultivate calm for your whole nervous system, as well as learn tools to bring home to enhance your daily movement, exercise, posture and breath. Balls provided and available for purchase.

    $35* Members enjoy 15% discount on workshops

  • Introduction to Every Day Tools to Sustain & Create a Pain-Free Body


    with Kellie Lynch, Cindy Doody and Kate Krumsiek

    Saturday, February 11th 3-4:30 pm

    This is a FREE Workshop and Discussion

    Pain is a fact of life sometimes – but often it can derail us. This gathering will highlight knowledge, awareness and practical skills to begin to maintain a pain free body through yoga, massage, conscious breathing and postural awareness. Kellie, Cindy and Kate will present a new, whole-picture approach to healthy movement, lifelong activity and a mobile, happy body by sharing their individual expertise, experiences and real life strategies.

    Kellie will share her client tested and personal prescription for a pain-free, mobility-centric lifestyle.  She will discuss the benefits of a healthy spine and a strong and flexible body that have helped over thousands of students over the span of the last 15 years live a healthy, pain free life.

    Cindy will introduce the different types of massages, and what Neuromuscular Therapy can do for you. She will explain how one should look at the body as a whole unit explaining what “tensegrity” is. She will also discuss referred pain, explain how fascia works and how important postural alignment and gait is to your overall health.

    Kate will discuss the importance of mindful movement in every day living as a way to avoid pain, re-educate the spine and embed quick strategies for improved posture. She’ll introduce self-massage techniques and tactics to improve joint mobility.


  • Yin & Acupuncture


    with Jen Willms & Caroline Moody

    Sunday, February 12th 2:30-4:30 pm

    Come and experience two ways of removing energetic blockages in your body leaving you feeling renewed and restored with Jen Willms and Caroline Moody L.Ac., Dip. O.M. Whether you are new to acupuncture or a veteran to it’s healing properties, this workshop utilizes both yin (slow, gentle) yoga and acupuncture to move energy and restore balance in a most relaxing environment. Jen will guide you into yin postures (held for 3-5 minutes each) and Caroline will apply acupuncture or acupressure to points.
    Class is limited to 12 people for plenty of hands on attention.
    $75* Members enjoy 15% discount on workshops
  • 12 steps to Renew & Revive into Recovery


    with Kim Dwyer & Erin Monaco

    Sunday, February 19th 2-3:30 pm

    Erin Monaco and Kim Dwyer will offer this workshop for those who are affected by addiction. Erin is in recovery from opiates. She is a young mother who became addicted to pain killers which let to an opiate overdose. She does talks about her journey into her addiction and her fight out. Erin is hopeful about her own recovery and mentors those who are battling addiction.
    Kim is Erin’s mom, a yoga therapist, and teacher on the south shore. She works the 12 steps as a family member who has been impacted by the epidemic of opiate use. Together Erin and Kim are offering classes to offer support.
    Each class will have meditation, yoga poses, and discussion of one of the 12 steps. There will be time after for questions and sharing.

    $40 * Members enjoy 15% discount on workshops

  • Mood Lifting Essential Oils & Thai Massage


    with Amy Di Lillo

    Sunday, February 26th 2-4 pm

    Open your heart center and awaken your senses this February in this experiential workshop. Learn more about essential oils and how specific oils can help balance or brighten your mood. You will sample 6 doTerra Emotional Aromatherapy oil blends, and select one to support your workshop experience. We will then work in groups of 2 (bring a friend or make a new one!) to learn simple Thai Yoga Massage techniques that will open your heart center and release shoulder tension.
    *Oils available to purchase or order after the workshop.
    Amy is a doTerra Wellness Advocate, ERYT 200 Yoga teacher and certified in Thai Yoga Massage

    $30  * Members enjoy 15% discount on workshops

  • Introduction to 
Therapeutic Breathwork


    with Tara Nieves, Therapeutic Breathwork Practitioner

    Friday, March 3rd 7:00pm-9:30pm

    Did you know that the way you feel in your day-to-day life directly correlates with how well you breathe? Are you breathing a full, open healthy breath?

    Breathwork helps you…
    Raise your energy level
    Reduce the impact of stress
    Have more mental clarity
    Awaken your passion
    Increase detoxification
    Improve your immune system
    Deepen your relationships
    Improve the quality of your sleep
    Bring more health and joy into your life!
    Join Tara as she guides you through the powerful and profound experience of conscious, connected breathing that will lead you to a healthier breath pattern… a healthier life pattern.
    This 2 ½ hour workshop includes a breath awareness exercise, lecture, facilitated breathwork session and debrief/question- answer time.

    $75* Members enjoy 15% discount on workshops

  • Yoga for Anxiety & Depression


    with Jen Willms

    Sunday, March 5th 2:30-4:30 pm

    This workshop will explore gentle, restorative yoga postures, simple breathing techniques and short guided meditations designed to reduce anxiety (by eliciting the relaxation response – the opposite of stress) and to improve mood and functioning. These techniques help to reduce your heart rate, lower blood pressure and ease respiration. We will work to balance and connect mind and body, and learn techniques that you can practice in your own life whenever you need to. A take-home guide will be offered to help you to practice these simple but powerful techniques as well.

    $30* Members enjoy 15% discount on workshops


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