Special Workshops

  • Barre Glow

    with Kellie Lynch

    Thursday, October 23rd 7-7:45 pm

    Celebrate Balance Studio’s 6th Anniversary!
    A new way to radiate strength ~ Glow…. The Barre room will be illuminated by black lights for an energetic and fantastical experience at the barre.
    Wear white or light colored clothing, we’ll supply the glow (pink, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month).
    This is a complimentary class/ donations will be accepted to benefit National Breast Cancer Foundation.
    Donations can be made for $10 or $20
  • Glow with the Flow

    with Ashley Webb

    Thursday, October 30th 7-8:30 pm

    Come Celebrate Balance Studio’s 6th Anniversary!
    A dynamic and unique vinyasa flow in the dark! Black lights will illuminate the studio- we will provide the Glow ( pink, in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month) and you provide the flow. Wear white or light colored clothing to light up the flow and radiate from the inside AND the outside!
    This is a complimentary class/ Donations will be accepted to benefit National Breast Cancer Foundation
    Glow with the Flow is the first of a series we will be offering throughout the year~ let the Celebration continue!

    Donations can be made for $10 or $20


  • Yoga & Your Fascia

    with Kerry Donnelly & Dr. Megan Ciccolo
    Sunday, November 2nd 2:30-4:30 pm
    Join Doctor Megan Ciccolo, Physical Therapist specializing in John F. Barnes myofascial release and Yoga Instructor Kerry Donnelly to discover the missing link in your Yoga practice. In order to fully open your mind, body, and spirit you need to open your fascia.  You may be asking yourself “What is my fascia and why do I need to open it?” Fascia is the connective tissue system which creates a continuous three-dimensional web of support throughout the body. Over time restrictions develop causing the tissue to solidify, this causes impairments such as changes in posture, decreased flexibility, or pain. By opening this tissue you will experience more freedom of movement, prevent injuries, and maximize your athletic potential. In this workshop you will learn myofascial release self treatment techniques using small balls we will add complimenting Yoga postures. This course was designed to be an introduction to the principles of fascia and self treatment techniques. For more information on fascia visit Megan’s website at www.restrictions-released.com.
    Each participant will receive two small  myofacial release balls
    Basic knowledge of Yoga is recommended
    $45 by 10/26 price includes myofascial release balls. $50 late registration
  • Yoga for you & your teen athlete


    with Deb Bowen

    Sunday, November 16th 2-4pm

    Is your teen athlete – tight from recent growth spurts or strength based conditioning? – shut down from sore muscles after a weekend of games? – being held back from their athletic potential by overuse injuries? – running out of steam at multi-game tournaments? Attend this 2-hour workshop with your teen athlete to learn specific stretching sequences to increase flexibility and range of motion, breathing exercises to manage game day stress, recovery techniques to survive multi-game tournaments and tools to tune into their bodies to head off potential overuse injuries.  By attending this session with your athlete you will leave stretched out, energized and with knowledge (and handouts) to continue this powerful practice with your athlete at home. For parents and their teen athletes ages 13 and up.(Note: If your teen is too busy to come, you can come and bring everything you learned back to them. You taught them to ride a bike and throw a ball, come learn how to teach them to stay healthy and active.)$20 per person/$30 per pair by 9/7.
  • Assisting & Adjusting Workshop

    with Kerry Donnelly

    Saturday November 15th 2-4 pm

    Unique opportunity to participate in a vinyasa flow ( gently heated-not hot) led by  an expert teacher &  assisted by a team of adjusters. Deepen your practice, learn proper alignment  and reap the benefits of learning to receive yoga posture adjustments. The hands on work by adjusters will focus on alignment and awareness of subtle shifts to enhance and deepen your postures. These gentle adjustments will leave you grateful for the extra  attention. Resting poses accompanied by nurturing touch, massage and relaxation techniques will leave you feeling relaxed and more flexible.

    $25 by 11/8. $30 after


  • Satya Vinyasa

    with Caitlin Marcoux of Nantucket Yoga Room

    November 23rd 2-4 pm

    Get in the flow with a full spectrum vinyasa practice. Then fine tune your backbends with thoughtful attention. Caitlin will lead you gently into the space of your heart while helping you to refine the art of bending over backwards with intention and mindfulness. This practice will be dynamic, challenging and nurturing for students of all levels. Some exposure to the practice is preferred.

    $35 by 11/16. $40


  • Holiday Detox with Jacqui Bonwell

    Sunday, November 30th 2:30-4:30 pm

    Join Jacqui Bonwell for a 2hr post thanksgiving  detox class to get you on the good foot, internally & externally, as you enter the holiday season. A sweaty vinyasa extravaganza open to all levels focused on waking up all the elements & resources in your body- earth, water, fire, air, sound & light!! Heavy on the twisting, heart & hip opening to the tune of an amazing playlist-this medicinal flow is sure to align your body, mind and soul!

    $35 by 11/23. $40 after.



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