Special Workshops

  • Singing Bowl Meditation: A Celebration of the Winter Solstice


    with Pricilla Gale

    Sunday, December 11th 2:30-4:30 pm

    Journey through the vibrations and sounds from Pricilla’s singing bowls as we celebrate the winter solstice and the awakening into the winter.
    As the cycle continues to spin towards the longest night of the year, this sacred time is an opportunity to celebrate and reflect with gratitude our own transformations as we await the re-emergence of light. In the darkness is seeded the new. We feel the teachings of completion, releasing the old and allowing the creation of the new. As we prepare to call back the sun, we give thanks for the wisdom gleamed from the darkness, honoring the transformation to create more joy, experience, balance, restoration and abundance. Journey from sacred Root to expansive Crown, held in the womb of vibrational meditation to release excess stress, fear, tension or pain. Brining us to a point of cleansing awareness where new strength is born.
    $40 * Members receive 15% discount on workshops
  • Reboot Cleanse with Mindfulness, Meditation & a Detox Flow for 2017

    with Tammy Ruggiero & Trish Hart

    Kick off workshop:  Thursday January 5th 7:15-9:15 pm

    Nourish and Reboot your Body, Mind & Spirit in just 14 days
    with Trish Hart (CRYT 500/MGH SMART educator) and Tammy Ruggiero, Certified Health Coach.
    This program which combines real food and mind body practices
    that will leave you feeling lighter, alive, recharged & renewed!!

    The 2 hour kick off workshop will set the stage for clearing your physical, emotional and energetic bodies for 2017!
    Full Reboot Cleanse Schedule:
    Reboot Cleanse Materials Released via email — Tuesday, January 3rd
    Kick off Workshop – Thursday January 5th, 7:15 pm – 9:15 pm at the Studio
    Pre-Reboot (3 days) — Friday, January 6th – Sunday, January 8th
    Reboot Cleanse (7 days)— Monday, January 9th – Sunday, January 15th
    Transition (4 days)— Monday, January 16th – Thursday, January 19th
    Included support:
    14 Days of Support from Tammy/Pre-Reboot Preparation & Guide for Reboot Cleanse/7-Day Reboot Cleanse Manual/Daily Email Support/Private Facebook Support Group/ 11 Days of Meal Plans with Delicious Recipes/Shopping List/Daily Reboot Tool Kit/4-Day Transition Plan/Life After Reboot Cleanse Success guide
    $149 * Members enjoy 15% off workshops
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  • Introduction to 
Therapeutic Breathwork


    with Tara Nieves, Therapeutic Breathwork Practitioner

    Friday, January 6th 7:00pm-9:30pm

    Did you know that the way you feel in your day-to-day life directly correlates with how well you breathe? Are you breathing a full, open healthy breath?

    Breathwork helps you…
    Raise your energy level
    Reduce the impact of stress
    Have more mental clarity
    Awaken your passion
    Increase detoxification
    Improve your immune system
    Deepen your relationships
    Improve the quality of your sleep
    Bring more health and joy into your life!
    Join Tara as she guides you through the powerful and profound experience of conscious, connected breathing that will lead you to a healthier breath pattern… a healthier life pattern.
    This 2 ½ hour workshop includes a breath awareness exercise, lecture, facilitated breathwork session and debrief/question- answer time.

    $75* Members enjoy 15% discount on workshops

  • Black Light/ Thursday Night


    with Kim Spear

    Thursday, January 12th 7:30-8:45

    A dynamic and unique vinyasa flow in the dark! Black lights will illuminate the studio- we will provide the Glow and you provide the flow. Wear white or light colored clothing to light up the flow and radiate from the inside AND the outside!

    $20 * members enjoy 15% discount on workshops

  • Yoga for Beginners 6 week Workshop


    With Sue Richardson

    Thursdays 7-8:30 pm

    1/19-3/2 ( no class 2/23)

    This is the perfect workshop for students who want to learn the basics of vinyasa yoga. Knowledge of the basic yoga postures, sun salutations, modifications, alignment and proper form will be the foundation of this six week series. Learn how to safely flow from posture to posture and feel comfortable continuing on in regularly scheduled classes.

    6 Week Series; $100


  • Young Yogis

    with  Kim Spear

    Tuesdays January 3rd- February 7th

    Ages 12-14 yrs 3:15-4:15 pm

    Ages 8-11 yrs 4:30-5:30 pm

    A 60 minute yoga class with emphasis on core strength and flexibility. Discover the benefits of Vinyasa Yoga (flow Yoga) as a way to prepare your body for the rigor of sports, increasing your strength, flexibility and create a strong and toned core. Help alleviate knee and joint injury by creating flexible joints, strong hips, back and core muscles. An extended savasana will help them reset and leave the studio refreshed and energized for their week ahead.

    6 weeks: $75



  • Yoga for Pre Schoolers


    with Kim Spires

    Mondays 12-1 pm November 14th- December 19th
    Join the fun!
    Yoga is brought to life through games, stories and play activities.
    Discover Yogi lessons of being a good friend, being helathy in your body and how to slow down through Shavasana (quiet pose).
    Children are natural Yogis, let them explore their light hearted and energetic nature on the mat!

    Minimum 8/ maximum 12 participants/ 6 weeks: $75


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