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What is Pilates?

Pilates is an alternative form of exercise that simultaneously strengthens, stretches and defines all muscle groups. It aligns the body while eliminating excess tension and strain on the joints. Pilates is a mind/body approach to exercise that increases one’s awareness of good body mechanics and focuses on the connection of the mind, the breath and the body. It is the perfect workout promoting physical and mental well-being. Each Pilates session is tailored to the specific needs and abilities of the client.

Pilates Session and Equipment Info

Private Pilates Sessions: A 55 minute private session at Balance Studio is the perfect way to start redefining your body. Our experienced and professional teachers along with Joseph Pilate’s classical equipment will help you to transform you. Wether you are recovering from an injury, working to strengthen your core or simply looking to create graceful and efficient movement centered around strength, stability and flexibility, this is the method for you. Please take advantage of our new student special; Introductory 3 Pilates Session Offer

Group Equipment Sessions :

At Balance Studio we offer several different ways to experience the benefits of Pilates on the classical equipment; We offer duo’s, trio’s and quad’s to meet your needs. Committing to a workout with friends is a great way to support your fitness goals. We require all new students to take advantage of our new student special: Introductory 3 Pilates Session Offer so that we can find the perfect group for you to join!

Call the studio for information on how to get involved in Group Equipment Sessions.


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