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Stowe Mountain Ranch Retreat

Stowe Mountain Ranch Retreat offers an opportunity to breathe in the fresh mountain air, run and walk with the resident horses, dine on gourmet organic foods, practice yoga and find solace amongst the back drop of Stowe Mountain. Explore the quaint village of Stowe as you surround yourself with the fall foliage that only New England can deliver!

Guest Teachers

As a studio, we are committed to exposing our students to teachers and people of inspiration beyond Balance. Noted visitors include: Raghunath, Rolf Gates, Daniel Stewart, Johnny Gillespi, Girish. Workshops range in style from Girish's soulful voice on harmonium as teachers lead a vinyasa, to Daniel's infectious spirit as he leads Kirtan and master class, To Raghunath's light hearted approach to "flight'. 


We want Balance Studio to be your studio. We strive to deliver our three methods, Yoga, Barre & Pilates in a fresh, clean fun and welcoming environment. Our teachers are knowledgable and approachable. We hope that everyone coming to the studio will find their personal favorite and feel open to exploring all that we have to offer for a full body experience towards strength, serenity & well being.

Yoga Teacher Training

Teaching yoga is an honor and a privilege, a chance to share what you’ve learned, and a reflection of your practice. It is an opportunity to carry on a tradition thousands of years old, and be a part of a brother/sisterhood of individuals who choose to share their knowledge with others in the hope that it will bring about a positive change. In this transformative program, we will offer an opportunity for you to deepen your personal practice and your understanding of yoga. We will offer a comprehensive road map through the history and philosophy of the yoga tradition

Community Outreach

Balance Studio is committed to make a difference beyond the walls of our studio. Every year we do our best to support communities, fundraisers and events that promote Seva (selfless acts of kindness) to others around us. From large organizations like Yoga Reaches Out to smaller events like "Hope for Calle' to donating our time to teach yoga to "Friendship Home ' in Norwell, we know our small effort makes a big difference in the world.


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