• Kellie Lynch


    As the owner of Balance Studio, Kellie Lynch is able to combine her passion of yoga and Pilates with her love of family, friendship, and career. Kellie began practicing Pilates over 15 years ago, after a successful career in the business world and the birth of her three daughters. Prior to the opening of Balance Studio, Kellie ran a small Pilates studio out of her home. Demand for her classes quickly increased, and Balance Studio opened in the heart of Cohasset Village in 2008.

    Kellie has been classically trained and certified through Peak Pilates and further completed her Yoga Certification at Open Doors in 2006. By fusing her knowledge of Pilates with classical yoga philosophy, Kellie designs her classes with an emphasis on form, flow, and breath and demonstrates the mind-body connection. In 2007, she combined her love of Pilates and yoga and introduced the Barre method of fitness to Balance Studio. While Kellie has reached her goal of providing the South Shore with an impressive range of yoga, Pilates, and barre classes, she has no plans of slowing down! Kellie is consistently looking for ways to improve the studio and meet the needs of her growing clientele.

  • Shannon Lynch

    As an expert nutritional counselor at Balance Studio, Shannon Lynch is passionate about the benefits of eating a well-balanced diet filled with natural foods that nourish the body appropriately. Shannon became a certified health coach in 2008 through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, though her personal experience with nutrition stretches much further back. As a child, Shannon suffered frequent asthma and severe allergy attacks, and found that through proper nutrition, she was able to eliminate her need for medications altogether. Shannon felt inspired to guide others through dietary cleanses and changes in order to improve overall health.

    Shannon became a certified yoga teacher at the Kripalu Center in 1993 and later became certified in Pilates through Momentum Studio under Aline Alexander. She has taught Pilates since 2002 and loves the profound improvement she has seen in her own life. Shannon is passionate about using her knowledge of nutrition, yoga, and Pilates to help guide others towards a more holistic and balanced lifestyle!

  • Stephanie Ford


    Stephanie Leads her classes with a warm open heart and pragmatic spirituality.  She creates a fun relaxed atmosphere where her students can practice creative flow.  After many years of dance training, Stephanie found a new creative outlet in yoga.  Her 200 hour certifications were through The White Lotus Foundation as well as Open Doors.  She recently completed Shiva Rea’s 500 Hour program.  Additionally, she has completed ongoing training workshops that affect her style with other teachers including Baron Baptiste, Barbara Benaugh, Seane Corn, Sadi Nardini & Beryl Bender Birch.  Heavily influenced by Shiva’s Prana Vinysasa Flow, Stephanie uses innovative sequences, poignant music, and warm humor to inspire students on and off the mat.


  • Kerry Donnelly


    Kerry began her yoga journey at the Yoga for Athletes Studio in Vail, Colorado in the year 2001 where she practiced for 3 years. This continues to be the style that she teaches. In September 2004 she obtained her certification in Power Flow Yoga and began teaching at the Center Club in Newtown,PA and Lambertville,NJ.  She became the Yoga Director of both Center Clubs in August 2005.

    Since returning to Massachusetts in 2008, Kerry has taught and lead classes and  workshops including Adjusting and Assisting Yoga Postures, Arm Balance and Inversions, Core Strengthening Yoga and The Art of the Sun Salutation and is also on the staff of the Balance Yoga Teacher Training program.

    She has studied with such yoga masters as Sean Corne, Stephanie Pappas, Rolf Gates, Jason Crandell, Ana Forrest, Shiva Rea, Gary Kraftsow and Rodney Yee.  She attends workshops, conferences and yoga intensives throughout the year always staying on top of new and exciting forms of practice while perfecting existing ones.

  • Lyn Pompeo


    Lyn Pompeo – Yoga started for me about ten years ago. It was a few years later that I discovered Vinyasa/Power yoga and that has been my practice ever since. I love the physical challenge, but it is the mental game that gets me more. Yoga helps me flow with the universe and shows me the grace that is the universe and makes me feel I am exactly where I am supposed to be. It’s that yoga bliss which always keeps me coming back for more. I hope to share this with my students with a class both physically challenging and spiritually opening.

  • Jan Burkhardt


    Jan Burkhardt ~ Yoga is a journey. Not an end destination. My favorite quote from Rolf Gates: “The prize is in the process”

    I began practicing yoga in 2002. I was an avid runner and certified Spin instructor and I loved the stretching, flexibility and strength a daily yoga practice offered. Yoga evolves with you; I now love my yoga practice for the quieting of the mind it offers: one breath at a time; being present. being still. being fully conscious and aware of myself and the world.

    In 2006 I completed a 200 hr. certification through Open Doors Power Yoga with Richard Lanza. In 2009 I attended the 200 hour certification through South Boston Yoga Body Awakening Teacher Training with David Vendetti. In 2010 I completed a 4-month mentorship with Master Instructor Jacqui Bonwell. I am Reiki Level 2 certified.

    My class setting is sacred, nurturing and safe. My teaching will be physically challenging with an emphasis on alignment and mindfully spiritual.

  • Kim Spear


    Kim Spear began practicing yoga 8 years ago focusing on the Vinyasa style. From the instant she first stepped onto her sticky mat, she felt the power of this practice. For Kim, yoga offers the opportunity to stay physically fit but more importantly it offers the opportunity to practice being present. Emotions that tend to be ignored or stored away daily are instantly brought to light and released on her mat. Her yoga practice has

    helped her to listen to the voice of her heart. She became a teacher to offer these opportunities to her students.

  • Ashley Webb


    After almost a decade of climbing the corporate ladder, and six years of casually exploring her yoga practice, Ashley realized that the only time she was truly at peace was on her mat. She finally surrendered to the fact that her life was not working for her, and decided to take a leap of faith, and start on a journey toward becoming her best self. She completed the 200 hour teacher training at Open Doors Power Yoga Studios and has been teaching ever since.Ashley’s teaching journey continued at Equinox in Boston, where she completed the Yoga Tune Up® Level 1 teacher training. She continues to study with amazing teachers, and has started her 500 hour training with Beryl Bender Birch.

    Recently her greatest challenge and greatest joy was the birth of her daughter, which has  reminded her that the present moment is everything, and to be truly present is to be truly alive.

    Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the thinking mind (Sutra 1:2, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali); breath and movement combine to bring students to a place of stillness… Ashley believes in creating a challenging flow, providing modifications to make the practice accessible to all levels, and maintaining a keen awareness of breath.

  • Sue Richardson


    Sue Richardson BS,CYT, first practiced yoga as a compliment to her running practice but soon discovered the added benefits of inner peace, balance, and healing. This discovery lead her to Finding Inner Peace Yoga School where she deepened her own practice and became certified as yoga teacher. She believes in the positive changes a yoga practice can bring to our lives and is honored to share this gift of yoga with others. Sue has continued her training through workshops with Seane Corn, Gary Kraftsow, Joanne Flaherty, and Jacqui Bonwell.

  • Diana Durka


    Diana Durka has been teaching fitness classes for over 20 years. Her passion for health and wellness lead her to a career in the Fitness Industry as a Corporate Director and Manager for a National Fitness Company. In 2001 she left the corporate world and decided to focus on her private training business. After an injury lead her to yoga, she fell in love with the strength and flexibility that came with the practice, and became certified in 2002. As an instructor, she hopes to help students deepen their own practices through breath and movement. Using her fitness background, Diana has developed a unique athletic vinyasa flow style of yoga that challenges students physically while focusing on breathing, movement and developing a solid mind-body connection. In addition to teaching yoga she also runs fitness boot camp classes in Hingham and trains clients privately.

  • Elizabeth Rogers


    Elizabeth Rogers has been practicing yoga for more than 14 years. In 2003 she received her teaching certification from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Elizabeth was introduced to yoga following her recovery from breast cancer, and found that her practice was enormously helpful in regaining a sense of balance in her life. She then retired from a career in banking and systems analysis to pursue a more holistic path. One of her greatest joys is to help people find and restore their center of calm, peace, and well-being using a gentle, spiritual, and nurturing approach through her teachings of yoga. Elizabeth is also a practicing Reiki Master.

  • Kelly Sullivan


    Kelly Sullivan first practiced barre after completing her first half marathon in 2011. Running had always been her passion but found barre to be helpful in lengthening and strengthening her muscles in a different way. After falling in love with barre classes she decided to take the next step and become a balance barre teacher, completing the Balance Barre Teacher Training through Balance Studio. Working full time in the corporate world, is the perfect outlet that helps balances her life!

  • Meg Tomasello


    Meg has always enjoyed leading a health lifestyle and sees physical fitness as a way of life.  She enjoys combining various forms of exercise to achieve optimal results.   She discovered barre after the birth of her first son, two and half years ago.   Barre was the perfect exercise to help strengthen Meg’s core after a c-section. After months of practice, she saw results that she hadn’t seen from years of running, spinning and boot camp classes.  She felt leaner and more toned than ever before.  She was hooked!

    In the fall of 2013, Meg decided to take her barre practice to the next level and become a certified instructor.  She wanted to share her passion for barre with others. She feels fortunate to be part of the amazing group of barre teachers at Balance.  Come check out one of Meg’s classes, you’ll pulse, you’ll shake and you’ll have fun while getting a great workout.

    Meg is also a certified spinning instructor and a marketing guru.  She lives in Hingham with her husband, two young boys and french bulldog pup.



  • Jennifer Willms

    After spending the first half of my life as a dancer I found my way to pilates and barre classes at Balance Studio, and I began to deepen my own yoga practice at the same time.  Slowly yoga really began to speak to me deeply, ultimately inspiring me to attend Marianne Well’s teacher training program in Costa Rica.  It was this experience that I realize now was only the beginning of my training, as a teacher, and as a student of yoga.  The highlight of my year this year was the retreat I attended with Sarah Powers (Insight Yoga) focused on yin yoga, mindfulness and meditation.  I continue to learn, study and teach with an emphasis on yin yoga, gentle vinyasa flow, meditation, and bringing yoga outdoor whenever possible!
  • Kim Carvette


    Kim began practicing yoga after many years of running road races and marathons. Once an avid pharmaceutical salesperson in Boston, she abruptly switching gears, had twins in 2006 and made her home in Cohasset. When one of the twins was diagnosed with autism, she found peace on her mat at Balance Studio. After a 3 year love affair with vinyasa style power yoga, she completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Open Doors in the spring of 2012. Her patience, her parenting, and her spark flourished! Kim feels compelled to share the power of the mind body connection in yoga with others. She is hoping to share how allowing yoga into one’s regular daily routine can deepen LIFE way beyond one’s physical yoga practice– far beyond just practice on the mat.

  • Deb Bowen


    Deb has been practicing yoga for the past ten years and completed her yoga teacher training through Balance Studio in Cohasset, MA.  She is committed to sharing yoga’s focus on structural and mental balance as an important counterpoint to our modern lifestyle.

    She is passionate about the many ways yoga can help the specific needs of athletes and recently received a certification in teaching yoga to athletes. Deb has begun working towards her RYT500 with Sage Rountree whose teaching philosophy and focus on sharing yoga with athletes she finds deeply inspiring.

    A lover of props and modifications, her teaching style is one of support and inclusiveness. We are where we are.

  • Donna Testa


    For 18 years I was a freelance court reporter in Boston and then San Francisco.  I retired from that career and we returned to the east coast to raise our two sons, taking advantage of gyms and health club facilities that offered babysitting.  In addition to weight training and machine workouts, I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of classes offered at that time.  I became AFAA certified in the ‘90s and completed an aerobics certification course.

    Pilates became a practice that challenged and motivated me more than anything I had yet experienced.  I became certified through Power Pilates in Mat I and II, and through Balanced Body was certified to teach the Reformer.  I began teaching Pilates mat in the basement of our home in Wellesley and, at the same time, taught Pilates mat at Lasell College.  I purchased a home Reformer and did one-on-one teaching as well

    We located to Hull full-time in July 2012.  In May 2013, I joined the wonderful staff at Balance Studio and continue to work with and, hopefully, challenge the dedicated students they serve.  I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with such a professional, committed and talented studio and clientele.

  • Kathy Cohen


    Kathy found yoga over 10 years ago after experiencing a hamstring injury. In the first class she fell in love with the practice. Yoga relieved her physical injury; but more remarkable was the tranquility she felt on her mat. Kathy regards yoga invaluable in handling life’s ups and downs, so she teaches to share the gifts of the practice. Kathy believes yoga allows practitioners to genuinely connect with their inner nature so they find greater ease and simplicity in living life in this busy world. Recognizing there is no end to learning, Kathy considers herself a continual student of yoga and life’s teachings, and is deeply grateful to all her teachers. In Kathy’s class students can expect guided movement founded on breath, an incorporation of props for modifications, options for challenge, and a sense of humor with lighthearted playfulness. Having completed her 300 Hour training at Sacred Seeds Yoga School she is an RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance. She completed her 200 Hour training with Balance Studio and she is certified in Balanced Athlete – Level 1.


  • Amy Di Lillo


    Amy started her yoga practice in the late 90’s, while living in Singapore and in Bangkok Thailand. Inspired by the diverse instructors she encountered in South East Asia, she became a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) with the Yoga Alliance (through YogaFit) upon returning to the states. In addition, she has received numerous specialty certifications in: kids, seniors, pre/post natal, back, pranayama, therapy, bodyrolling, Thai yoga and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.  Amy has enjoyed numerous workshops with inspiring teachers like: Tias Little, Cyndi Lee, Gary Kraftsow, Rodney Yee and Elise Browning Miller.  Amy is currently working toward my RYT500 with an emphasis in Therapeutic Yoga. Amy is also certified in Yin Yoga and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra. She finds that these courses continue to inform my eclectic, viniyoga teaching style.  Amy loves the fusion of ancient yogic wisdom and modern fitness principles and strive to create a playful and accessible yoga experience.


  • Susan Browne


    Susan Browne has been practicing Yoga for 20 years and teaching for 16. She holds professional-level teaching certification in Vinyasa, Kundalini and Yin Yoga. She is certified in Ayurveda/Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga Bodywork, and Reiki, and continues to study asana, energy anatomy, Yoga Philosophy, and meditation with teachers internationally. Susan’s approach to Vinyasa instruction reflects her desire to share the unparalleled high that is the result of strengthening, balancing and awakening the body and mind through asana, pranayama, and mantra. With both humor and compassion, she seeks to guide students into the ultimate experience of Yoga: satchittananda, the knowingness and bliss that is the true nature of all human beings.

  • Lissie Bomeisler


    Lissie’s relationship with yoga began as a young woman. As a school teacher, she used yoga as a tool for quieting rambunctious bodies in a classroom full of young children. Sun salutations and balancing postures were a way of focusing the mind even then.
    Her love for yoga grew as an adult when it became a personal tool for overcoming physical weaknesses due to scoliosis and every day challenges faced when raising children of her own. Yoga became a way to reclaim her physical strengths while devoting conscious effort to refocusing the mind.
    Lissie strives to help every individual  find a connection to yoga that resonates with them. She focuses on the elements of the asanas that will deliver a safe practice. Her classes are an invitation to find yourself through the physical body. To explore the beauty of yourself on the mat. The practice is a gift she hopes to pass on to others. Lissie is a 200 hr CRYT of Balance studio’s teacher training.

  • Trish Hart


    I began practicing yoga over a decade ago, but it wasn’t until I became an injured marathoner, that I witnessed firsthand the restorative nature of yoga both physically and psychologically. I developed amazing strength and flexibility, mental focus and, to my surprise, a renewed and joyous creative spirit.

    Inspired to share Yoga’s transformational gifts, I completed my 200 CRYT training, Yin Yoga and SPA Yoga certification, and training in Experiential Anatomy.  I am working towards my 500-hour yoga therapeutic teacher certification and also volunteer at the MGH Benson-Henry Institute. During the summers, I enjoy sharing nature’s gifts through the Cohasset Beach Yoga program.

    The intention of each of my classes is to emphasize the perfection of the present moment and the enjoyment of the journey. My classes are fun, challenging, and full of heart-centered teachings that lift the spirit, and impart a sense of balance both physically and mentally. I am continually inspired by my students, and feel blessed to be a guide and witness to their yoga experience.

  • Lindsay Rentz


    Lindsay came to her yoga mat after miles and miles of running, heavy strength training, and lots of spin classes. Just wanting to feel better, she committed herself to a summer on her yoga mat, and when September rolled around, she knew she had finally found something that worked with her body. Since that time, Lindsay completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training, Level I Yoga for Balance Athlete and additional workshops. Her classes are based on a steady vinyassa flow, and filled with yoga philosophy, conscientious alignment, subtle strengthen moves, and heart-felt humor. Her hope is for everyone to leave their mat feeling refreshed, renewed and with a sense of calm and peace.

    In addition to teaching yoga, Lindsay is also a personal trainer and health coach, working one on one, and small group settings.

  • Izzy Ortigoza


    Izzy’s passion for exercise started at a very young age. She has been dancing ever since her mother signed her up for ballet at the age of 4, and continues to dance today.  As she entered college, she was searching for something to fill an empty void where her teenage gymnastics life used to be. In 2011, she discovered yoga and became instantly hooked! It is the perfect mix of athleticism and grace. A few years later she started hearing about a new fitness method called barre. As a former ballet student she knew she had to try this class! As it became difficult to travel into Cambridge for ballet on a regular basis, barre became her go-to dancer workout. It helps maintain her posture, “find her center” as said by Ballet instructor Liz Lapuh, obtain lean and strong muscles, and most importantly, it’s fun! In 2015 Izzy became a barre instructor through the barre teacher-training program at Balance Studio. Izzy is also a certified personal trainer through ACE and has a Bachelors degree in Business Management and a minor in dance through the University of Massachusetts Boston. She loves to help others achieve their fitness goals and making people happy. She is very approachable and has lots of energy, so don’t be shy to ask her a question or have a chat.


  • Amelia English

    I have always been drawn to the human figure. The fact that each one of us is based on the same foundation but can all be so beautifully unique is enthralling to me. I began exploring this fascination in college as a painting and photography major. Still or in motion my work always incorporated the human form. After college, my awe led me to massage school in New Mexico. Here I learned the fundamentals of human anatomy as well as the meaning of “balanced mind and body”.  The mind must be kind to our bodies, both in spirit and in health, to truly appreciate our time in the here and now. As a barre instructor, I want to encourage you to appreciate the function of your body; to educate you to train yourselves tall, to open your hearts, to build your strength and for you to see the beauty in your individual shapes and beings.  You are all beauties…you should know it and own it!

  • Carissa DiTullio

    Carissa is an energetic beach loving soul.  She first fell in love with Barre shortly after finishing her nutrition degree at Framingham State University. Carissa was amazed at the sincerity and helpfulness of the teachers at Balance. The environment of the studio is the best she has encountered and she decided to join them to help teach others.  In the spring of 2015 Carissa completed her Barre teacher training to further her knowledge and passion of Barre.  With her background in nutrition she knows the importance of regular exercise and after pursuing a number of different avenues she absolutely loves the results from barre!  Carissa loves bringing her energy and spunk into class!


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