Practice, Play…WIN 

Starting December 1st, pick up a bingo card at the front desk, write your name on it and hang it on the designated wall. As you complete the challenges place sticker, or two, on square. 

  • Challenge begins on December 1 and ends on December 31
  • Your card is your responsibility to mark
  • One prize per person
  • Prizes have no cash value
  • Helpful hint: take a picture with your cell so you can view your squares any time!

There are 3 tiers of prize packages that you may be entered into based on your participation and completed challenges. 

Everyone is a winner…participate for a small prize! Winners will be announced Sun January 1st.

Tier 1: Straight Bingo (5 in a row either vertical, horizontal or diagonal)
Tier 2: X, T, L or Cross (spaces in X, T, L or Cross covered)
Tier 3: Blackout (every space covered) ~ GRAND PRIZE