Good vibes every day ALL DAY

The Balance community is pretty incredible, if we do say so ourselves.

Our teachers are cool and love what they do! And our clients simply rock.


Our Pros

Balance Studio teachers and instructors go to the mat for you.

They love what they do and they can’t wait to share it with you. Yoga, Pilates or barre, they will meet you on your mat, trade recipes and Om’s with you all day long! They are highly educated and dedicated and love being apart of the Balance Studio team.

Come on in and meet them and find out yourself why we have the best reputation on the South Shore for balanced fitness and wellness!

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Good news, federal tax day has been extended to May 17th, meaning we can pause and more fully embrace April as Stress Awareness Month! With

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Balance Students

Welcome Back to Balance

The age old adage “new year, new you” is so often uttered this time of year, throw out the old and bring in the new,

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