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Happy Halloween

All around us, Fall is truly in full effect. Apparently this year, Mother Nature decided to include trees and power lines along with the falling of the leaves. Just a little reminder that life doesn’t always operate according to our plans… 

Clean up crews and Insurance claims aside, it’s Halloween! 

I don’t care how many orange moons you’ve seen, Halloween just never gets old. It’s a time of year dedicated to dressing up, eating treats, and being your least serious self, no matter how old you are. It’s also an amazing time here in New England to observe the bold, colorful changes of nature. 

Getting festive over this season is such an easy way to connect with your inner child, you may not even notice you are doing it! But as you decorate your home, smile at kids in costumes, and stock up on candy, you are indulging your most childlike, most imaginative self.

Every year at Halloween we face the inevitable question; what do you want to be? We have been answering it since childhood, but it seems to get harder over time. This is because, whether you are thinking big or small, it’s a question that requires creativity. We never had trouble imagining what we wanted to be as children (in fact we had lists!), because creativity flowed through us easily. But as we grow older, it seems harder to apply creativity to our lives.

It’s easy to limit our thinking about creativity into only thinking of it in an artistic sense –  like painting or writing. Exploring creativity can almost seem indulgent in our adult lives – like an area we can worry about tapping into once all other needs are met. But the truth is, creativity is our natural state. 

We as humans manifest individually and collectively literally all things around us, by holding them in our minds first. Imagination is the beginning of any and everything. And this is the season of imagination. So enjoy it. 

Balance Your Mind Body and Soul

Let us help you connect to this season energetically through mindful self-care of the Sacral chakra; our energy-body’s powerhouse of creativity. 

The Sacral chakra is the magical energy center that brings the not-here, here. And what’s could be a more perfect image for this season than an orange, glowing orb of light, low in the belly? Pumpkins and gourds, after all, are included in ceremonies and rituals this time of year as long-held symbols of creativity, fertility, and abundance.  

At home, try getting your creativity flowing by writing your own morning yoga flow based on what feels good in your own body. Or better yet – just close your eyes and allow your body to move you through it. Meditate on your back, practicing deep breathing with your hands on your low belly. Watching the movement as it rises and falls.

At the studio, we are here for you with classes to help set your core on fire and feel the burn on your mat, or simply clear your mind and get your breath flowing freely through your body. 

This month we have a group Past Life Regression with Jill Jardine and a New Moon Sound Healing Journey with Rita Turner – visiting us from the West Coast :)!! Amy DiLillo and Kate Krumsiek offer their signature Balling Rolling & Yoga Nidra workshop and Elizabeth Rogers will be leading another dreamy 2-hours of bliss in her Reiki & Restore workshop.

Save the Date: Wednesday, Nov 17th, 6-8:30 pm ~ Pre-Holiday Sip & Shop! We are bringing in some of the best local vendors – think SELF CARE oil change, a tune-up for your skin, nutrition, and spirituality. Lite, healthy bites, and beverages will be served. See you there!

There is something sacred about this time of year, as the weather gets chillier and the dark creeps in further on either side of the day. Now is the twilight time of year, the pause before we plunge into an extra hour of daily darkness. The air is crisp and the spiritual veil is thin. 

Keep harvesting your inner light as we move toward the Holiday season. As always, we hope to see you at Balance!

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