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How is 2022 Feeling So Far?

Although we are smack in the doldrums of winter, a new year always feels like a breath of fresh air. 31 days in, are you still feeling the “new year, new you” vibe? How do you want to grow this year? Where do you want to change? We are so excited to help you explore and answer these questions in 2022.

We have spent the last month planning and planting our intentions for the coming year – and here we are on the eve of the New Moon (2/1/22), excited to begin some new journeys.

There have been many new faces gracing the studio lately! A heartfelt welcome to all who have joined our community in various ways recently. Many of us are beginning new practices for our mind, body and soul; exploring yoga, pilates or barre for the first time. Some are back to our practices for the first time since the pandemic began.

Committing to Your 2022 Reality

Collectively, we have been taught that the beginning of the year is a time to make plans. To begin things. To pledge to try new things. And yet – most New Year’s resolutions for 2022 are already dead. Why? Because this is not the time for revolutionary action. It is an inward, slow time. A planting time.

The winter is beautifully stagnant here in New England. If you can get past the temperature, it holds a spiritual beauty. The Earth and sky take on a muted palette. Ice chunks bob in the harbors. Even the water moves more slowly in the cold. The air holds its breath while snow falls. All is still. The sky hangs with a gray cloud cover for days… for weeks without changing. 

It is the perfect time for manifestation. We reflect, imagine what could be and dream up plans. We plant the seeds of new beginnings. And we begin to grow those seeds from our thoughts into our reality through our throat chakras, which can use some serious strengthening and care this time of year. As we begin.

After all, everything that has ever been created was first thought. Then, words.

The All-Powerful Throat Chakra

Around the holidays, we moved through exploring the heart chakra in our practice. Finding joy, light and high vibrations during the darkest days of the year. As the year begins, we climb upward along our body’s energetic chain supporting our throat chakra.

In a way, our throat chakra IS the self we present to the outside world. The workings of the upper chakras in the mind and the goings-on of the heart are ours to keep inside. But what we choose to pull from either and share through speech is what represents our persona. And the choices we make with food, water and anything else we ingest, have an effect on our physical appearance. 

The throat is the chakra where change and beginnings begin. Through which we breathe.

We can support it simply through breathwork. Or through being mindful of where our gaze is falling in class. Our neck allows our vision to shift in different directions (which allows us to then move in those directions). Try a new perspective by shifting your visual focal point. Wearing blue, drinking lots and lots of water and visualizing your body or throat shrouded in blue light are some other easy ways to strengthen your throat chakra. 

We are all waking from the long dark night surrounding the Winter Solstice and are getting ready to build the dreamscapes of 2022. Speaking them into being, making them vibrational and real.

Staying Expansive with Your Energy and Choices

Even if you have been coming to Balance for years, we encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new in 2022. Take a look at our schedule with new eyes. If your routine is all yoga, try the pilates reformer for added strength! Maybe you end up working a weekly quad into your routine. If your practice is all fitness based, try a meditation or restorative workshop. We are so proud of our diverse offerings and are always brainstorming how we can give you MORE. 

Fresh Offerings at Balance

Whether you define yourself as a beginner or an advanced beginner (wink, wink) we have amazing workshops coming up in the next month to help take you to your next level.

Thursday, February 3, from 6-8pm Amy Di Lillo will be here to help you release stress, hydrate tissue and shift your brain waves with Ball Rolling & Yoga Nidra, leading you through the healing, multidisciplinary practice of therapeutic ball work and Yoga Nidra. 

Ready to start flying? Take the leap to build the poses and find alignment with our four-week Series IArm Balance & Inversion Workshop taught by Rachel Brodeur ane Katelyn Ryan. Saturdays, February 5 – February 26th, 10:30am-12pm. 

In case you missed getting in on the Foundations Yoga and Pilates Mat workshops that started earlier this month, we have another Yoga Foundations: Six-Week Series to come with Sue Richardson, Saturdays at 10:30-11:30am, February 12 – March 12. Perfect for students who want to learn the basics of Vinyasa yoga.

Share the Love

An EVEN MORE perfect opportunity to switch up your routine – Share the Love Month starts tomorrow at Balance! This means you’ll see your favorite teachers co-teaching in different classes!

Continue to Expand and Thrive! 

Hopefully, lately, we have learned some new ways. Hopefully, we have adapted. We have been called on over the last couple of years to count our smallest blessings, find joy in the mundane and hold gratitude for health alone. At Balance, we have learned to get creative when it comes to finding community and following our bliss. Thank you for walking and learning alongside us.

Cheers to You, our Beautiful Community, and to All That is to Come in 2022!

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