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5 18 2011 - OW Brunch

In the struggles lies the JOY.

When I sit down to write these blogs I give myself some time to reflect and consider what I can share that will be useful, inspiring, and well received. To be honest, this task can be quite daunting, but I’m committed to the activity. I ponder, “what is important now? What is unique to this time?” It’s February so of course, our minds go directly to Valentine’s Day, to love. This year, however, I implore us to also consider Black History Month.   

Black History Week was created in 1926 and in 1970 switched to a month. Other countries slowly followed suit, the UK in 1987, Canada in 1995, and Ireland in 2010. However, it took until 2020 for a large scale and corporate embracement. Realizing this I wonder why it has taken us, as a society, this long to open our eyes and minds more fully to equality, justice, and inclusiveness. And when I think about love, in its purest form I recognize that compassion, consideration, empathy, understanding, and nurturance are all part of the complexity of love. 

In the Yoga world, we speak a lot about self-acceptance and self-love, and last year that was this our blog’s focus. This year, I want to shift the focus to being an example of love in our community and beyond.  What can we do to further open our eyes to the important issues that face our fellow country persons? With that in mind we’ve chosen Maya Angelou’s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings for this month’s book club selection. Having taken a peek, I know that we, in our community have plenty to learn no matter how inclusive or not racist we consider ourselves. At least I do. 

I want to be an example of love, I want to take my yoga off my mat. I want my endorphins to help me spread joy to our community. I want my Pilates strength to aid me in serving to strengthen community. 

Maya Angelou wrote, “She comprehended the perversity of life, that in the struggles lies the joy.”  That’s profound. To believe it as I watch our world struggle through Covid woes, our country struggle through political strife, our community as we lose loved ones, and in myself with struggles large and small day to day. 

Humanity is bound by struggle. We all face it. But, we are also bound by love. We all have the capacity for it, and it’s one of the best, if not the best, part of being human

I look forward to reading and learning from Angelou. 

I feel grateful for Black History Month and how it coincides with the month of love. And I feel inspired to persevere through challenging times knowing that history is full of triumph and positive change when love takes the lead.

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  1. Cathleen Everett

    Thank you for this message and your book choice, Kellie. Great advice for all of us. Could I also highly recommend Caste, by Isabel Wilkerson – which was listed among the top 10 books of 2020 by many, many renowned media platforms. All of us need to understand what Wilkerson ably writes. It’s highly accessible to read.

    Cathy Everett

  2. Lisa

    Thank you Katelyn. I purchased this book last year. Maybe this month, I will finish reading it. I appreciate the inspiration.

  3. Carol Lieb

    Great book and great book club!

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