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It’s Time to Share the Love with Ourselves

It seems the winter is finally loosening its stranglehold on the northeast. Every spring, there are a few things I look forward to, spring ephemerals, longer days, and Mother’s Day. I am constantly in awe of the women in my life and the many roles we play. From caregiver to partner to parent to teachers, mothers are, in many ways, the backbone of our communities. But, for all the love we dole it, it’s time to share the love with ourselves. 

Mental and Physical Health are not an indulgence

Not only does the month of May celebrate Moms, but it is also Mental Awareness Month. God knows after this last year we are probably all in need of a mental health tuneup. However, the Moms, and those who are in motherly roles, took the brunt and deserve a standing ovation. They didn’t have a single hour off in over 13 months. We see you. It’s time to make Mental Health a whole lot less taboo. We ALL struggle. We have to tend and take care of our minds, speak up about our struggles and SHARE our lived experiences – it is the only way to end the stigma. The stress that came with the loss of our freedoms, our loved ones and our businesses to name a few, is overwhelming. However, the pandemic skies are brightening. Now is the time to shift and focus on both long term physical and mental health.

Guilt will not serve you, self care will!

Despite the need for self care, the hardest part for me about focusing on myself is the guilt. It sneaks up, whispering that there are tasks that must be done, other people I must care for. But how can we expect ourselves to play all these roles if we are emotionally and physically burnt out? Short answer: we cannot. We must refocus our care from others to ourselves every once in a while. 

Now that we’ve established guilt about taking care of ourselves will help no one, think about what would be best for you. Come in for that class you haven’t found the time for yet, join our book club (this month we are reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle), or best yet sign up for our 2 hour Mothers Day mini-retreat on May 8th. Spots are still available for the virtual option!

This past year I lost my mother to Covid. The pain and sorrow I still feel daily are shared by many throughout the world as we mourn the mothers and grandmothers taken from us by this pandemic. As a way to honor them, and ourselves, let’s take a little extra time to indulge, relax, and love ourselves for all that we do.

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  1. Jackie Haley

    Katelyn – I did not know about your mother. I am so so terribly sorry to hear this. Between your loss and Kellie’s , what a horrid toll this pandemic has taken just within the Balance community alone. Wishing you moments of peace and sending much love.
    Hoping to be back soon as I return from my daughter’s graduation later this month.
    Jackie Haley

  2. Vicky

    I love everything about Balance. It got me through a very challenging year. It’s a beautiful place and the folks that work there are all so kind…. Better days ahead for all of us… xoxo

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