For many of us, our fascination with anatomy began with a song connecting our hand bone to our arm bone.  For Yoga Tune-Up®
instructor Kate Krumsiek, her passion for anatomy is at the center of her teaching.

Equipped with yoga therapy balls and a sense of humor, her science-based classes use postures and techniques focused on anatomy and body function.
Kate believes understanding the body’s function helps us move with age and opens the doorway to a heightened awareness of body movement as we move.  Kate does not have a favorite pose, but instead loves knitting together movements designed to improve range of motion in joints, increase stability and support functional movements that can be transferred to day-to-day life.

Kate’s favorite aspect of teaching is connecting with students, some of whom suffer chronic aches and pains or are overcoming injuries.  Kate finds it endlessly rewarding to address student questions and discuss how strategies and techniques learned in class can be integrated into everyday movements like carrying groceries to help students to rehabilitate on and off their mats.

Kate grew up in Weymouth on a small street of only eight houses.  She moved to Cohasset 15 years ago and lives with her husband Mike, three teenage sons and their dearly loved Labradoodles Mac and Poppy.  Interestingly, Kate and her cousin married brothers. While living in Newton together, the cousins met the pair of brothers living in Allston.  Their combined seven children are not only first cousins, but second cousins too!


Kate is also a rabid Roger Federer who proudly displays his fan calendar and follows all his
tennis exploits.  She recently reveled in his winning his 18th Grand Slam at the Australian Open at age of 35 over his 30-year old rival, Rafael Nadal.  She is pursuing tickets to this summer’s US Open in hopes of watching him win again the finals.

In addition to teaching, Kate is a regular contributor to the Yoga Tune Up® website and YogaDork.  She is constantly researching new trends and techniques to cover in her writing and bring to her students.  “I love to build my toolbox of strategies to customize movement for my students and myself”, she says.

Kate can be found regularly Monday evenings @6:15 – 7:15 pm teaching Yoga Tune Up® and again on Thursdays 9:30-10:30 am for Foundational Flow. In addition she offerers Yoga Tune Up® workshops

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