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Mom, Mum, Ma

Happy Mother’s Day!

Whether you are a mother, have a mother, or know a mother – we hope you spend some time today honoring yourself or a loved one. Motherhood, in all its beauty, is unrelentingly draining work. Many of us here at the studio know it personally, but it’s also something we hear from our students ALL. THE. TIME. And we are honored that it’s usually in the form of expressing how our teachers and classes help them keep their cups full. 

We love seeing anyone carve out an hour for themselves, especially moms! We know that hour is precious. We know those few moments at the beginning and end of class in silence are sacred. We know, we see you.

For new moms and moms-to-be, we are excited to be developing some amazing pre and post-natal yoga offerings! Look out for upcoming workshops and classes in the summer and fall. We have been thinking for a long time about how to support our community in this way, so lots of joy in bringing this forth. 

Mental Health Awareness

May is Mental Health Awareness month, something we take very seriously here at the studio. It’s no secret your mental and physical health are connected, and we try to consider and care for the mental health and wellbeing of our community just as much as physical fitness. They go hand in hand. 

Our mindfulness-based practices like Yin and meditation are tried and true places to turn when looking for support in managing our inner worlds. At the studio, we are always looking for more ways we can ease stress and lighten your energetic load.

We are adding an evening Candlelight Yin on Tuesday at 7:15pm. If you love hands-on-assists…this class is for you. 

The World is in Bloom

Everywhere we look we see pops of color and greenery. Pink flowering trees, white blossoms and bright blades of grass pushing up through the dirt. The Earth has thawed and is showing us its full beauty. Clean and renewed. Reborn through the winter. 

We too must remember that we are always beginning. Always students. Always aiming to see the world as if it is new, without filters. 

In that vein, we have some adventurous new offerings coming to the studio with the warm weather that we are so excited to share. Look out for Aerial Yoga (yes! we are prepping to hang the silks now!), TEEN Balanced-Athlete Summer Series, as well as SUP Paddle Yoga!  The first paddle is Thursday, June 16th from 4-6pm, followed by three more sessions in July and August. Get ready – we are psyched!

Change is in the Air

It’s a season of exciting newness. School is wrapping up, summer schedules are firming and we are looking ahead with anticipation, finally feeling the sun on our skin.

We’ve got a few more surprises and exciting changes happening at the studio over the next month… Stay tuned!

Wishing you warm weather and Vitamin D!

From the Team at Balance Studio

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