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The Power of Pie

The Power of Pie

What kind of community do you want to live in?

If I asked whether you envision a place where people pull together to take care of each other during times of illness and emergency, you’d say yes, absolutely. That kind of place.

Our communities know how to help

In Cohasset and our surrounding communities, we know food will show up on our doorsteps when we’re sick or injured. Neighbors and friends will arrive to help. That knowledge strengthens us and feeds our souls. And for those who have needed and received help at some point, it’s hard to find words powerful enough to capture what that meant.

This fall, as we approach the season of abundance and gratitude, I’d like to tell you about a group working hard to spread that community spirit into more homes where it’s needed.

Food Heals the body and the soul

Balance Studio client Catherine Mathews introduced us to Community Servings, a Jamaica Plain-based meal delivery service for mostly homebound patients battling critical illnesses.

Founded in 1990 to feed 30 patients with HV/AIDS, it’s grown into a robust regional operation with a kitchen staff of 150 volunteers, feeding patients, families and caregivers meals that are customized, healthy, delicious and culturally appropriate. Learn more at

Inspired by personal experience

Catherine, who serves on Community Servings’s board, told us that feeding people who are ill resonated deeply with her because of her own family’s experience with her father’s chronic illness.

As she explained, her family had “a terrifying time” navigating her father’s medical, nutritional and logistical needs during a health crisis despite having plentiful resources and community support, and no language or culture barriers to his care.

As a result, years later, Catherine realized that if her family’s experience was terrifying, other people’s would be far worse. The fact that people might be dying unnecessarily from lack of nutritional food specific to their medical needs was horrendous.

Autumn is an ideal time to consider this group and its life-saving work. The approaching winter will likely heighten some difficulties faced by the seriously ill.

Pie Time

The giving season is when Community Servings holds its annual “Thanksgiving bake sale”. This is a very modest name for the labor involved in cooking, selling and delivering as many as 25,000 pies baked by chefs from Boston’s top restaurants.

Pies are $30 each, and while the fun for customers might be finding out which A-lister baked their apple, pecan, pumpkin or sweet potato pie, the fun for Community Servings is in being able to feed a client for a week from the proceeds of each pie sold.

“You can move the needle by selling one pie,” Catherine said. “Helping the most vulnerable members of the community is exactly what the season of giving thanks is about. And this is so clearly part of the Balance community’s way of being.” has more information. And if you see Catherine in the studio, she’d love to answer any questions!

We hope you’ll join us in supporting Community Servings by buying a pie or three, and helping turn more Massachusetts neighborhoods into communities that take care of their own.

The Nitty Gritty:
Click on the link above
Choose your gift
Select your pie
Enter your zip…for most of us the pick up will be at the Hingham Caldwell Banker office 56 South Street between 9am-2pm on Wednesday, 11/27

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