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Root Down to Rise Up

It’s a Yoga cue that takes us to Upward Facing Mountain…but it’s also just great advice. If ever there’s a season to be tree-like, it’s Fall. No matter how original I’d like to get in seeking inspiration to share this month, the Fall is simply, and beautifully, the time of year for getting “back to.” Back to school, back to chilly weather and back to routine and productivity after the haze of Summer . 

I always find the world a bit bittersweet in the beginning of Autumn. There is a nostalgic ache in our heart and bones as the qualities of the air turn, ever so slightly. It’s the one time of year where change is happening, so very visibly, almost everywhere we look. Kids are marching off to school another year older, geese are flying south overhead, leaves are turning golden and red. It makes us want to change as well, filling us with fresh energy to make lists, establish new routines and put new goals in place.

If the Fall were a chakra, it would be the Root. When in doubt the color is red. The answers are “inward,” and “slowly” and “still.” Connecting to your Root chakra is a wonderfully intentional way to ground and energetically “go with the flow” of the season. The cyclical movement through the months, holidays and seasons of the year is one of the ways the Universe reminds us to keep moving along our own paths and not to get too stagnant.

At home, connect to your Root chakra energy by practicing breathwork engaging your Mula Bandha (yup, kegels) or doing a morning Yin meditation in Supta Baddha Konasana (or Reclined Butterfly pose) to open the hips. Mindfully move through a series of one-legged, balancing Yoga poses. Or simply take a walk. Even if it’s barefoot in your own backyard. In fact, definitely go barefoot as much as possible while you still can! It’s one of the easiest ways to ground…

At Balance, we come together to help each other get back to ourselves. Back to centered; powerful and grounded. Let your practices help you harvest light and love as the nights grow sacredly dark. We know that in a hurricane, it is not the biggest trees that are the sturdiest, but the ones with the most extensive root systems. 


As always we are here to welcome you home or welcome you back!  Whether you have been distant from your practice, are starting a new one or are continuing as usual, we invite you to ease into this beautifully bittersweet season with all that we have to offer.

Our staple offerings are here for you: Yoga, from HOT Power Vinyasa to Slow Flow, Yin, Hatha and Kundalini Kriya! A new weekly Foundations class, Wed 9:30am – as well as our 6-week series! Pilates Mat classes, METHOD, Sculpt and we are happy to announce BARRE is back! We are also resuming a select range of virtual classes – so please be on the lookout for those on the days you’d rather join us and stay cozy at home.

In addition to our familiar crew of teachers, we welcome new (to us) Yoga instructor Torie Gerbis, South Shore native making her return home from Colorado! Welcome BACK Marisha and Denise who are returning to Barre, and Jan Burkhardt returning to Spa Yoga Fridays 6:15pm and All Levels Flow Sunday nights at 5pm! Among the new offerings worth mentioning on our schedule this Fall, workshop offerings: Reiki & Restore, Restorative Breathwork & Yin, Kirtan Nights and daytime/weekend pop-up Ballet Barre class. 

Did you know we offer private sessions across all of our modalities? Small Group or Solo, everything. Call the front desk to inquire and schedule a series solo or with your pod! From meditation, family yoga, kids yoga to therapeutic yoga, as well as Pilates Reformer, 1:1 or small group. Need a fun Ladies Night OUT…birthday party, bridal/bachelor parties…we’ve got you covered. Plus, Allyson Paul is back offering Intuitive Blueprint Readings (think life coaching with your Higher Self) or Mediumship Sessions twice a week, check out availability on MindBody!

As we roll with the ever-turning New England seasons, moving further into the darkness before we come out the other side, we will be talking more about connecting with the seasons and our practices through the seven Chakras. We invite you to explore the connection with us through your own thought, intention and practice each month. As we move into the mystical, thinly-veiled nights of October, towards Halloween, we will begin exploring the Sacral Chakra (conveniently orange in color). And eventually further upwards towards the heart-centered holidays around the Winter Equinox. 

We hope you come join us at Balance this season. We are here to meet you wherever you’re at.

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    Thank you for having late classes during the week for people working during the day! the 6 pm classes are lifeline.

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