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Spring Awakening

Just when you thought you couldn’t take one more freezing second…

It’s March! The turning point. Signs are appearing that Spring is coming and the Earth is, ever-so-slowly, waking up. Even though actual Spring probably won’t kick in for at least another month (or even two) here in New England, March is that first month where we can see and feel the light! Birds are chirping in the mornings, daylight is noticeably longer and warmer days are beginning to pop up here and there like lovely little crocuses.

With the warm weather comes the return of so many of our favorite outdoor activities and sports! Tennis, pickleball, swimming, biking, running. With the world opening up, this time of year brings a wave of freedom and choices when it comes to moving our bodies. And not surprisingly, as a result, most of us are much more physically active in the warmer months. 

Cue our annual March Madness Movement Challenge – where we encourage you to move for the joy of movement and challenge you to get outside of your comfort zone by trying a modality that compliments your routine. Take 17 classes (of any modality) in the month of March and be automatically entered into the pool*! Prizes include services, merch, and gift cards to some of our favorite local vendors!! Drawing will be announced on April 1st.

Easing back into it…let’s call it the “de-frosting” period…

In all the light-hearted excitement though, remember to take this shift mindfully. Changing gears into new types of movement means hitting different muscle groups, holding our bodyweight in new spots and putting potential strain on some areas we simply have not used in a while. The hip flexors love a good walk and yoga class combo – especially after long periods of netflix & chilling. Or investing in a couple private sessions to get yourself back into alignment. Anything to prevent injury. 

We work diligently in preventing them, supporting our students in coming back from them, helping to modify and work around them and to not to re-trigger old ones. 

As teachers, we can not help but see a major connection between repetition of the same workout routines and injury. Working the same muscles, joints, ligaments, etc. through the same workouts over and over is like tapping just one spot on your wall over and over with a tiny hammer each day. Eventually it may crack.

When building a movement sequence, one of the main things we think of as teachers is creating alternating poses and counterposes. A backbend requires a forward bend. Use this mentality when it comes to your own fitness! Pair a heavy-weighted fitness with some restorative yoga and stretching. If you’re a runner, support those larger lower-body muscles by strengthening the smaller ones around them through Barre or a Method class. Even changing up instructors now and then for the same type of class will ask something new of your body.

We want you to take advantage of all we have on offer – both classes and workshops – to keep your fitness and health well rounded.

Listen and Pull Back Connecting to the Body Though our Third Eye Chakra

Injury is our body’s way of asking us to slow down or do something different.

In this way, injuries remind us to tune into our intuition – a superpower we all have. Leading up to an injury, whether it comes on slowly or seems to happen in a moment, we have definitely been missing or ignoring intuitive signals telling us to back off. Pushing through pain or soreness without asking questions, refusing to back off and take a break when we pass our edge or ignoring signs that our energy level is depleting – are all ways of ignoring intuition, which will eventually lead to injury.

Listen to your body and tune into how you feel during and after a workout. Which parts of you are singing? Which parts are sore? Is there any pain? Are you hungry or thirsty? Your body is always talking to you.

Take a minute each day to meditate or do a body scan to create some space for your intuition to flow freely from your third eye energy center.

Spring blooms new flowers, what newness is blooming for you?

We believe that a new thing is a good thing. Think about the last time you stepped outside your comfort zone. When was the last time you said, Yes! When we say yes to growing outside of our comfort zone, we say yes to bringing joy and excitement to life. 

Saying yes can look like choosing Yin when you always take Hatha. Try Barre if you only practice Pilates. Expand into the practice of Kundalini if you have been in the vinyasa flow for a while. We love to keep things fresh and new at Balance, always looking to mix it up. That’s why we work so hard to cultivate the creative diversity within our teaching staff.  We’re excited to announce new workshops and classes for you to experience.

Our NEW Pilates Equipment class is currently on waitlist only for the next two weeks but if you are interested in trying it out please sign up for the complimentary sessions being held during our Spring OPEN HOUSE. Save the date: Saturday March 26th! Free mat classes to those new to the community, complimentary reformer classes for anyone interested + mini Yoga Teacher Training and Ayurvedic Wellness info sessions! Our favorite local shops will be here too, giving away coupon codes and free gifts!

Katelyn & Rachel will be teaching a Yoga Reaches Out (75 min) Benefit Class (Vin & Yin – All Levels) at 12pm following the Open House, this is a donation class, suggested $35. All proceeds will be going towards the Wellness Center at Boston Children’s Hospital!

Speaking of Yoga Reaches Out, please consider joining our team for this year’s yogathon held at Gillette Stadium…on the field…that Tom Brady played on…it’s going to be magic. Stop by the front desk for more info!

Upcoming Workshops

As always, check the schedule for our classes. We keep the tried and true mixed with fresh offerings and new teachers. SO many ways to enrich your body, mind and soul brought to you by the amazing teachers in our community. 

Ball Rolling & Yoga Nidra: Roll Like a Lion, Rest Like a Lamb with Amy Di Lillo

Thursday, March 10, Thursday April 14 AND Thursday, May 5 from 6-8pm

Join Kate and Amy for this healing multidisciplinary practice of therapeutic ball work, restorative and yoga Nidra. Release stuck stress, hydrate your tissue and allow your brain waves to shift as you practice three separate down regulating practices that complement each other in eliciting the relaxation response in your whole being.

Yin Yoga & The Five Tibetan Rites + The Fountain of Youth with Kim Dwyer

Saturday, March 12 from 12-2:30pm

Join C-IAYT yoga therapist Kim Dwyer for this workshop on energy hygiene. Learn about The Five Tibetan Rites and The Fountain of Youth: A system of energy hygiene…Chakra Chanting, Yin Yoga, EFT and Tapping

Community Classes – Yoga Teaching Training

Start Thursdays, March 17th 4:30pm & Saturdays 12pm ~ donation based classes

Full Moon Circle with Katelyn Ryan, Allyson Paul & Rachel Brodeur 

Friday, March 18 from 7:30-9pm 

Restorative & Reiki with Elizabeth Rogers (also available Virtually)

Sunday, March 27 from 2-4pm AND Sunday, April 24 from 2-4pm

Come and de-stress – the ultimate relaxation experience. Students will rest in deeply relaxing restorative poses, softly supported in each pose.  Elizabeth will share the soothing energies of Reiki from a distance. 

Ayurvedic Spring Dinner with Rachel Brodeur & Katelyn Ryan

Save the Date: Monday May 2nd, 6:30-8:30

Finally, Happy (almost) Spring! We wish you, our community, a happy, healthy, (dare we hope… warm?) rest of the month! And, as always, we look forward to seeing you at Balance!

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