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Spring: Your own Personal Recharging Station

When we think of charging or recharging, our thoughts turn instantly to our devices and screens. How much juice they have in them at the moment.

Can we all agree that’s a little sad? More importantly, we might  consider how much juice we have inside of ourselves at the moment?

Do we need a recharge?

In these busy times, the answer is pretty likely to be absolutely.

How did we get so upside down that we find ourselves focusing more on recharging inanimate objects than our own bodies, hearts and minds? Well, we got here gradually, one moment of intention at a time. And that’s exactly how we can shift ourselves out of our technology ruts and into this season of renewal.

By design, spring asks us to start fresh

Spring encourages us to look ahead, and to notice and appreciate the smallest signs of growth and change. Mother Nature won’t transform landscapes overnight, and neither are we going to work life-changing magic on ourselves in a day.

Instead, let’s take our cues from spring. Each day offers us opportunities to renew and recharge, whether first thing in the morning with meditation, intention-setting and a fitness regimen, a midday connection with oneself in a yoga class, or an evening practice of exercise, gratitude or mindfulnesss.

The body of scientific research on the benefits of yoga and mindfulness on physical and mental health seems to grow daily, from reduced stress and chronic pain to stronger immune systems, better sleep and improved professional, athletic and academic performance.

Look outside

Notice the resilience and power of the natural world. Then bring Mother Nature’s inspiration inside, shut your phone down for a while and renew yourself.

Happy Spring,


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