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This One Goes Out to the Guys

OK guys, listen. The mysterious world of yoga is not as feminine as you might think – and it will absolutely improve your golf game, your paddle game, your skiing, your mountain biking and your triathlon performance. Among other things.

Wait, what?

No joke – what yoga does for your body confers benefits that show up in every other sport you enjoy. Whether you are a hard-core competitor or a weekend warrior (especially if you’re a weekend warrior!), yoga builds a stronger and more flexible body that increases performance while protecting you against injury and aiding post-sport recovery. And a calmer mind doesn’t hurt, either.


June is Man Month at Balance Studio. Because we love men (we have binders full of them – kidding!) and we know that sometimes getting them through the studio doors presents a challenge. Just consider this your friendly reminder that stretching the male body will result in looser, more elastic limbs and joints. That means you swing a golf club with more agility, strength and safety. You bounce back more quickly after your trail run or ride. You’ll probably swim faster. You’ll be less likely to hurt yourself during contortions on the paddle and tennis courts.

Pick a sport – yoga boosts them all.

That pretty much covers the athletic angle. But it would be remiss of us not to highlight the health angle as well. Anyone in the mood for stress reduction, a good night’s sleep and improved cardiovascular strength? (And if you’re not, uh, why not, exactly?)

Not to nag, but all of this gets increasingly important as the birthday candles crowd the cake, if you get our drift.


You see the point. But worrying about being the only male in the studio may cause you to find reasons not to show up. We get it. So we are making this easy. Wednesday, June 13 from 7:15-9:00, instructor Mike Birmingham will lead a one-hour, all-levels yoga class for men, followed by a Boston Harbor distillery tasting. The tasting will be hosted by Rhonda Kalman, BH Distillery founder, directly after class. Sounding more doable all the time, right?

Hop on board: Sign up for the workshop here: Bring a friend for moral support. We promise it’s not as scary as you think.

For news about our Broga workshop, specifics on the yoga postures Mike will highlight and the sports they relate to (and all things Balance Studio), check us out on Facebook at and Instagram at

You can also check out some of the fabulous spirits that we’ll be sampling post class at Boston Harbor Distillery.

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