We hope you have been enjoying the changing leaves along with the last lingering warm days of summer… AND even more so, we hope you are easing back into your “new” routines. With school finally in motion, work returning without Summer Fridays and summer vacations in the rear view mirror, we want to help you lean into finding an outlet for joy and maintaining your health! 

We realize with so much uncertainty this year that many of us may not have buckled down as quickly this September to all those routines that encourage us to thrive. Meal prepping, fitness and mindfulness may have taken a backseat this fall to simply stay afloat. But we are here to help and provide safe options for you and your family to feel calm and cultivate well-being during a pandemic! It is not too late to get your fall off to a successful start that fuels yourself and your family. 

Show up more fully and vibrantly for your family and friends when you have filled your cup. 

Take a moment to pause and observe the added stresses on your family right now. Between homeschooling, economic uncertainty, a charged political climate and not as many previously known freedoms…stress is real. The world sends us messages that being busy and always on the go, no matter how stressful, is what makes us important and worthy. However, it won’t be long until we burn out if we don’t create space to simply breathe and tend to our needs. We are always worthy of consciously slowing down…but now during a pandemic, this pause can be the saving grace to your mental and physical health. You can show up more fully and vibrantly for your family and friends when you have filled your cup. 

Quarantine fatigue is a real deal!

The anxiety surrounding everything in our world that is unfolding with Covid, political uprising, our environment and the general state of the economy has most of us feeling on edge more than we would like.Quarantine fatigue and stress is changing how many of us behave and how our brain functions.These stressors are beginning to manifest in physical ailments for many of us as tension in our bodies, less quality sleep and minds in constant overdrive. Dentists and other health professionals are seeing a huge increase in cracked teeth due to stress and anxiety from Covid. The same professionals advise beginning a practice of regularly engaging in activities such as exercise, yoga and meditation to allow the mind to have time to be separated from the constant inflow of stress. The research from Harvard’s Medical School points out that a regular yoga practice appears “to correlate with increased wellbeing, including better sleep, better body awareness, weight loss and greater happiness”. Checking into the parasympathetic system, rather than the sympathetic response, can allow relaxation in the muscles and more peace in our minds. All of which can be preventative measures against getting Covid and other illnesses and to feeling more at ease in your day to day living during a pandemic. 

Help Balance Studio stay relevant and continue to impact our community in a positive way.

 We cherish our Balance community deeply and would love your support in helping us stay relevant and continuing to impact our community in positive ways. Balance has a special place in many of our hearts. It is a place we go to share the energy and joy of our practice with our fellow students and teachers. It’s where many of us have sweat together, meditated together and practiced together. It’s where we allow ourselves to be our most authentic, honest and present selves so that we can go out into the world to continue embodying this. Without you, the community of Balance, and the practices that live within the studio, our lives would be profoundly different.

The common translation for ‘yoga’ is ‘unity.’ And right now, we have to unite to help keep the lights on at Balance. All it takes is one simple action: purchase gift cards, class packs (virtual or in person), or come shopping, on line or in our boutique. We have lots of cozy,  warm casual wear to have you looking and feeling great this season in addition to the best fitness wear.. Buy for yourself, your friends, or start your holiday shopping. It’s a small act, but for us, we feel the power that comes with being part of something larger than ourselves.

Learn something new this Fall at Balance!

We are very excited about this fall’s horizon for Balance and would love to have you join us. We have new workshops rolling out and a new schedule that has morning, mid-day and evening classes. Prioritize yourself and learn something new! A Beginner Yoga Series with Sue Richardson is beginning on Saturday October 17th through November 7th. Additionally, we have a Ball Rolling for stress management class with Kate Krumsiek and a Beginner Pilates series with Shanon Lynch coming soon. Between seeing a familiar face, doing something kind and preventative for your body and tuning into peace rather than the uncertainty in our world right now, you can be assured knowing Balance holds all of this for you in person and virtually.