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Welcome Back !!!

We were so happy to see all of the smiling faces last Thursday night at our Welcome Back party! We had a great time reconnecting with friends we hadn’t seen in quite a long time and making some new friends, as well. Melissa Peralta, founder of Mood Food put out an amazing spread (Kale Salad Dressing Link) and we were rocked by the music of our own South Shore celeb, Aldous Collins! It was a night filled with joy, celebration, and lots of love!

I had the best intentions of borrowing the mic from Aldous to make a couple of announcements before the evening wound down. However, every time I turned around there were old friends to hug and catch up with and unfortunately, the night went by in a flash.  My goal was to once again thank our loyal members for supporting Balance Studio during such a difficult time. Last year was certainly one of the most challenging years of my life, both professionally and personally and the support of the collective community was one of the year’s highlights. Your notes, emails and personal gestures picked me up on the darkest of days. Seeing your faces on the other side of the screen was a constant source of encouragement and gave all of us the courage to keep on doing what we love, sharing the many aspects of health, fitness and wellness.

Secondly, but just as important, I also wanted to share my overwhelming gratitude for Sean Cunning. Many of you know Sean because he keeps your home, cars and boats safe under the auspices of Sullivan, Garrity Insurance Co. Sean covers the same insurance needs for my family but he became my Knight in Shining Armor in his role as my landlord. If it were not for his concern, generosity and financial creativity in adjusting the studios’ rent, Balance Studio would not have survived the pandemic. For that, I am forever grateful. If you are looking to make any insurance changes or are in need of a new policy, please consider Sean Cunning / Sullivan Garrity Insurance as a fabulous option. I can personally attest that he is a wonderful guy.

Summer is finally here, embrace the season and the fact that we are all free to hit the beach, dine alfresco with friends, take a class outdoors at Paragon Boardwalk and generally celebrate the end of the dark days of 2020.

My Best,


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  1. Joe

    Great party! I’ll try to look less like a dweeb next time.


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