The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning, developed by Joseph H. Pilates, is a method of body conditioning that has been practiced for decades. However, it has recently gained momentum in the fitness and health industries as more people are seeking a safer and more natural total body workout.

Pilates Reformer Classes

Whether you are new to Pilates or have been practicing for years, there is nothing quite like the journey of experiencing Pilates the way that Joseph Pilates originally created the method on his signature apparatus.  We offer privates and group sessions comprised of duets, trios and quads. Utilizing Peak reformer/towers, the Pilates chairs, Cadillac, ladder barrel and Ped-i-pole, this method is extremely effective and concentrates on the deep core and pelvic floor muscles while offering  strength,  length and a whole body awareness. 
Each session is 55 minutes long and appointments are made by calling the studio directly at 339-337-3660.  We offer a fabulous, cost effective way to get started at Balance Studio; 3 private sessions for $150. 3 private sessions are required for those wishing to participate in group sessions.  Groups can be formed by you, or we can help you find new friends.

Pilates Mat Class Levels


Basic introduction to Classical Pilates Mat Work. Taught in the style and methodology of creator Joseph Pilates. No prior experience necessary. Useful for newbies as well as individuals seeking to reinforce fundamentals and principles.


Classical Pilates Mat Work for individuals with prior experience. Introducing props: The Magic CIrcle, The Body Bar, the mini ball and light hand weights. Useful for increasing strength and flexibility from the core out through the extremities.


Fast paced Classical Pilates Mat Work. Emphasizing breath, transition, flow and form. Useful for creating superior strength and cardiovascular function. Instructor approval required.

Pilates all levels

Based on the traditional work by Joseph Pilates, this mixed level class will move at a steady, meaningful pace and will offer plenty of instructional cues and modifications. Some experience suggested.

Please note that Balance Studio is both fragrance free and cell phone free for the comfort of all of our students.


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