the services

Private Pilates

unleash your true potential and redefine your fitness journey with our private pilates sessions. catering to all fitness levels, our personalized, one-on-one approach ensures you receive the attention and guidance needed to maximize every movement.

whether you’re a beginner looking to establish a solid foundation or an athlete seeking to enhance performance, or directed to us by your doctor or PT, our certified instructors will create a tailor-made program just for you. transform your normal, increase your strength and flexibility, and discover a rejuvenated sense of wellness.

small group pilates

immerse yourself in a transformative fitness experience with our small group pilates sessions. limited to just six participants, these sessions offer the intimacy of private training coupled with the motivation and camaraderie of a group setting. our expert trainers provide individual attention, ensuring safety for optimal results. 

whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned pilates enthusiast, our small group sessions offer a dynamic, engaging, and effective way to enhance strength, improve flexibility, and boost overall vibes. 

Private & semi-private Yoga

yoga sessions customized to your individual needs. have an injury you are trying to rehab? nervous about trying yoga? simply prefer 1-on-1 or semi-private instruction?

get exactly what you are looking for by working one on one with one of our experienced instructors. together you will identify goals and work to achieve them!

private rates start at $100, semi-private $65/pp.

small group yoga

perfect for those looking for a specific time outside of our regular scheduled programming. our experienced instructors are trained in a wide range of offerings from: balanced athlete, kids yoga, pre/post natal & more. group of 4 or more needed to hold.

classes can be held at the studio, off-site location, or online. 

rates start at $250.

yoga therapy

yoga therapy is the holistic application of yogic principles to empower individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being. the initial session includes an intake, assessment and goal setting that will inform the individualized client session. sessions take place in studio space that allows individuals to work at their chosen pace to achieve a sense of well being and peace of mind. yoga therapy sessions will include a customized practice guide and may include a customized yoga nidra or meditation. clients may choose yoga therapy to get yogic help with or relief from a troubling symptom or health condition (anxiety, sleep, depression, stress, back pain, chronic pain, healing from injury/surgery etc).

sessions are held in studio. rates start at $125

custom classes & more

got a team? sports or sales; we’ve got you covered. looking for a fun alternative to the traditional bachelor/bachelorette weekend? we’ve got you covered. birthdays, book club, newcomer & neighbors? we’ve got your covered. all of our offerings are completely customizable to check your boxes!

classes can be held at the studio, remote location, or online.

 rates start at $250.

additional offerings

we are so much more than just a movement studio. we wholeheartedly believe in a whole-istic approach to wellness and the offerings here at balance reflect just that.

recover in our infrared sauna; get a peak into the future with our astrology or psychic readings; or learn how to balance your now with an ayurveda consultation. whatever you are working through - we're here to support you.

check it out!

ayurveda consultation

balance your mind, body, and spirit with our personalized ayurveda consultations. our experts will guide you towards optimal health and well-being, advising on dietary choices, lifestyle changes, and natural remedies aligned with your unique constitution.

infrared sauna

step into a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation with our state-of-the-art infrared sauna. experience the warm, soothing embrace of infrared heat, penetrating deeply into your muscles and joints to relieve tension and promote recovery. but it’s more than just a moment of tranquility – our infrared sauna aids in detoxification, boosts circulation, and enhances skin health, contributing to your overall wellness. whether you’re winding down after a challenging workout or simply seeking a restorative retreat from the pressures of daily life, our infrared sauna is your sanctuary of serenity.