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Whether you’ve never stepped foot in a yoga or Pilates studio, or whether you’re a seasoned yogi with years of experience, Balance Studio welcomes everyone who walks through our door! Our professional staff will welcome you to our beautiful studio overlooking Cohasset Village. Do you want to embrace the benefits of a mindful and grounded workout, while still seeking an exhilarating fitness experience? Our instructors are passionate about combining invigorating exercise with stability and inner peace. Find your balance at Balance Studio!

Please note that Balance Studio is both fragrance free and cell phone free for the comfort of all of our students.


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Balance Studio is pleased to offer Childcare through Linda Bolster at Our World, beneath the Cohasset Public Library. Access to Our World’s children’s discovery museum and playground! $10 for 90 minutes! M-F 9a.m-3p.m. Children Ages 3-5. Call Linda to make arrangements for your little one- and come over to the studio for some much needed, Mommy time! 781.608.5525

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