Jen Willms: From Sea to Sea


Hailing from Canada, Jen Willms took the Canadian motto to heart. A Mari Usque ad Mare meaning “from sea to sea” is pretty much how Jen chased her yoga dreams.

A dancer, Jen came to yoga by way of Pilates and Barre classes at Balance Studio. It was there that she discovered yoga. A globetrotter, Jen completed her 200-hour yoga training with Sarah Powers in Costa Rica. Recently she obtained her RYT 500, a yoga learning experience that took her to exotic places like Thailand and Bali, the mythically beautiful Wales, the west coast cities of Santa Cruz and Santa Monica, the scenic NY Catskills and the New England beauty of colonial Barre, MA.unknown

Jen, a self-professed lover of organization and order said she learns something about her students and herself whenever she teaches yoga. “I love that every time I walk into the studio, I don’t know who will be there or what will unfold”, she said. Although she always has a plan, how it plays out is influenced by how things naturally unfold in that particular moment. This is the magic of yoga and it has taught Jen to trust herself knowing that she is guided by this five thousand year old enlightening process.

Jen’s favorite pose is Half Moon because it’s challenging and freeing and it demands that you trust yourself while the yin pose butterfly allows Jen to be contemplative, reflective, and peaceful.2L1A6184-2cropsmall

Jen and her husband Rob moved from Canada to Cohasset 25 years ago. They live with their 18-year old son Max, a freshman in college in Canada and their 16-year old son Bayden who is a junior at Tabor Academy. She credits her yellow lab Biscuit with teaching her the joy of walking, which they do together daily, either solo or accompanied by family or friends. Jen reads every day and enjoys being outdoors gardening or paddle boarding along Cohasset’s beautiful coast (which would be difficult in her homeland since Canada has the world’s longest coastline.)

Jen can be found teaching Yin on Friday mornings @ 8 am, Yin & Meditation on Wednesday evenings @ 7:15 pm and Workshops such as Yoga for Anxiety and Depression on April 2nd 2017

March Teacher Feature

Teacher Features

Amelia English joined the Balance Studio team and is teaching level 2/3 Barre Mondays @ 9:25 am. As a massage therapist, artist and photographer, Amelia has always been captivated by the perfection of the human form.  Her classes honor the natural movement and inherent strength of the human form.  She hopes to inspire you to “see the beauty in your individual shapes and beings. You are all beauties…you should know it and own it!”

Susan Browne is a veteran teacher whose approach to instruction reflects her desire to share the unparalleled high that is the result of strengthening, balancing and awakening the whole body. Susan has brought Kundalini to Balance Studio on Sundays from 9:30-10:30am. She also teaches a strong Vinyasa Flow on Mondays from 9:30-10:45am 

Darlene Bradlee  recently joined the Balance Studio team.  Another veteran teacher, Darlene has extensive training in multiple fitness methods.  She hopes to inspire ‘joyful play’ through her love and knowledge of Pilates and adds in a tiny anatomy lesson in every class!  Darlene is teaching Pilates Mat I-II  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-9:20am.


Are you ready for Extreme?


Balance Extreme comes to the Studio

Drop, and give us 50….minutes… of A fusion cardio,  yoga, pilates and barre moves into one class. Get your cardio fix! Balance Extreme is the ultimate XBody workout. 50 minutes of music-driven, fast paced movement and interval exercises. A short term yoga ssliving15greywarm up prepares you for heart pumping cardio bursts that will make you sweat! Plyometric exercises will define your muscles, intense core work will chisel your abs and strength sequences will challenge your stamina and balance. a calming cool finish will leave you exhilarated and prepared to attack your day!



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