retreat notes

portugal 2024

arrival, may 17th: lisbon, portugal
ok, we love it here! logged 21,930 steps today – mostly incline. iykyk. we think its hysterical that not one of you mentioned that detail 😉  it was the perfect 65 and sunny – not a cloud in the sky, holy shit we are in europe  – kind of days. coffee, check. matcha, check. portugese sheets blowing in the breeze off of a 4th story balcony, check. what more could you ask for? the people are friendly. the architecture is dreamy. the limestone lined streets and bright buildings and doors are stunning. and the purple, pink and orange trees are something out of dr. seuss. we laughed our way up and down, in and out of every street, alley and corridor within a few mile radius of our super sweet little airbnb.

animal sightings:
3 stray cats
2 peacocks

simpli coffee 10/10
meson andaluz 10/10

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