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the balance METHOD checks all the boxes! this 50 minute class opens with a dynamic warm up to connect us to our breath and body, and to prepare us for the work. Inspired by renowned fitness modalities like BBG™, TB12™ and the workouts of Tracy Anderson, Stephen Pasterino and Joseph Pilates & more...expect to use all the props in this all levels, always accessible class! we end with a brief meditation - there you did it!


Welcome to the Balance METHOD, where every movement matters and every breath counts. This all-encompassing fitness experience, inspired by an array of celebrated workouts, promises an enriching journey of breath, strength, and balance.

The Balance METHOD: A Harmonious Blend of Techniques

Our Balance METHOD class is a 50-minute session that harmoniously blends elements from renowned fitness modalities like BBG™, TB12™ and the workouts of Tracy Anderson, Stephen Pasterino and Joseph Pilates. Move your body in a unique way that not only strengthens muscles but improves flexibility while boosting endurance.

Our Balance METHOD Classes

Each class commences with a dynamic warm-up, bringing your awareness to your breath and body. As you breathe consciously, you prepare your body for the array of exercises to come. With a variety of props at your disposal, you’ll engage in a sequence of movements designed to challenge and change your body, accessible to all fitness levels. And at the end, we culminate with a brief, calming meditation to round off the session with serenity.

The Benefits of the Balance METHOD

Practicing the Balance METHOD offers a wealth of benefits:

  1. Improved strength and flexibility: By combining various exercise methods, you’ll strengthen your muscles and enhance your flexibility.
  2. Boosted balance and coordination: The diverse range of exercises helps improve your balance and coordination, contributing to better functional fitness.
  3. Greater body awareness: The integrative approach of the Balance METHOD helps foster a deeper connection between mind and body.
  4. Versatility: With an array of techniques and props, every class brings a unique challenge, keeping your fitness journey exciting and dynamic.
  5. Stress reduction and mental clarity: The inclusion of meditation provides a soothing end to the session, promoting stress relief and mental clarity.

Join us for a Balance METHOD class and immerse yourself in a transformative fitness experience that truly checks all the boxes. Boost your strength, balance, and flexibility while enjoying the serenity of meditation.

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