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The Retreats

Escape reality. We invite you to step away from the demands and distractions of everyday life and immerse yourself in the soothing rhythm of self-care and mindfulness that our retreats offer. We believe culture should be shared and experienced firsthand. That’s why every sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch is curated to exceed your expectations. Taking place in some of the most breathtaking locations, both domestically and internationally, these trips are guaranteed to deliver unparalleled experiences. Engaging in various wellness activities and exploring diverse holistic living concepts will result in a profound enrichment of your understanding, practice, and life.

Way More Than Just “Classes” On-The-Go

Let us redefine your idea of ‘retreat’. Our retreats aren’t just about delivering the classes you love in a new setting. They invite you to immerse yourself in workshop-style sessions and discourses covering a broad range of subjects. Sure, we engage in daily movement and meditation, but we also embark on these journeys to stimulate curiosity, broaden knowledge, and foster growth in diverse and meaningful ways. We believe in the power of collective learning and shared experiences, and so, we offer a space where you can connect, explore, and grow in multifaceted ways. It is our aim explore, connect and eat our way through every corner of the world!

Delight in Local, Nutritious Fare

One of the cornerstones of wellness is nutrition, and we understand its significance in promoting overall health and wellbeing. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to delight in the richness of local cuisines. Every meal is a carefully crafted experience, designed to introduce you to flavors that nourish your body while they delight your palate.

Whether it’s enjoying a family-style meal prepared with love or dining out in town, we ensure that the food is sourced locally and organically whenever possible. This approach not only supports local economies but also aligns with our commitment to sustainable practices. Our goal is to offer the highest quality meals, always including vegetarian and/or vegan options when possible.

Retreat-ing with Like-minded Individuals

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, you’ll find comfort and inspiration in being surrounded by others who are on a similar path. Fostering an environment that encourages such connections, facilitating interactions among individuals who share the same passion for wellness and holistic living is one of our favorite aspects of group travel. Our retreats bring together individuals on the same wavelength, providing opportunities to bond, learn from each other, and build lasting friendships.

Explore the Beauty Beyond Borders

At our wellness retreats, the environment is more than just a serene backdrop; it’s an active participant in your journey. Nestled in stunning locales worldwide, each retreat encourages engagement with the natural and cultural beauty around you. Activities range from invigorating hikes in lush forests and thrilling water sports, to insightful cooking classes using local produce. Cultural excursions immerse you in local heritage, enriching your retreat experience. Our retreats strike the perfect balance between relaxation and rejuvenation.

Embarking on one of our retreats promises an immersive journey into self-care, holistic living, and wellness practices. You’ll nourish your soul, connect with others, explore enchanting places, and share experiences beyond your wildest dreams. This journey leaves you feeling renewed, inspired, and balanced, ready to return home with a revitalized spirit. What you’ll carry with you is priceless; a deeper understanding of wellness practices, meaningful connections, and a heightened sense of balance.

We run our international retreats bi-annually and our local retreats more frequently. We love receiving suggestions and itinerary ideas from our members, so please don’t hesitate to share any leads with us. Email us at with any questions about our retreats. We can help organize travel and have payment plans available.

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