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With over 30 years of combined yoga, Pilates and dance experience, sisters Kellie and Shannon Lynch have created an invigorating and highly effective Barre certification program. By combining the principles of Pilates, yoga, ballet and anatomical alignment, our program prepares our teachers-in-training to lead an expertly choreographed and captivating class! Our next Barre teacher training TBA

Registration & $250 Deposit Required two weeks in advance of training

Full Tuition: $750 ( includes $250 deposit) / fee includes comprehensive manual


Tuesdays October 3/10/17/24 & November 7th 6-10pm

PLUS November 4th& 5th Weekend 11-4

Attendance to all sessions required for Certification

Class size minimum 4/ 6 maximum

Training Led by:

Kellie Lynch: Studio Owner & Manager – CYT 200 hr

Areas of Study will include, but not be limited to:

History & inception of the method

Foundation & Function: why and how the method works

Anatomy: 2 hours; method specific

Core Principles: Emphasizing Pilates methodology for barre specific proficiency

Safety: Contraindications and injury prevention

Class Organization: Format and sequencing

Exercise Mastery: Analysis, categorization and study of individual exercises. Proper sequencing & set up for maximum results

Cueing: Verbal, tactile and hands-on assists and adjustments

Motivation: Techniques for impassioning and energizing students, encouraging progression and the deepening of internal connection

Music: How to create mixes to enhance, motivate and direct intensity

Observation: 3 hours class time observation

Assisting: 3 hours active class assisting and adjusting


Admission Requirements: Applicants should be 18 years of age. All applicants should submit a completed application and picture with a non-refundable fee. All applicants will require an admissions interview. All applicants should have a regular barre practice and be physically fit so they are able to perform all techniques and trainings.

Graduation Requirements:  Barre Teacher training requires completion of all schedule sessions. Trainees must assist, teach and observe 3 classes each and complete a written and practical exam.

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 Balance Barre TT Application

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